25 June 2006


Hells bells! A full year has passed since I began this weblog. What an adventure into the unknown it's been! Like Brad the Gorilla, my transatlantic adversary, I don't know if I'll have another year's worth of stuff to write or another year's worth of enthusiasm. This is what I wrote in my very first entry twelve months ago....

"So this is England in mid-summer. Lovely warm weather and you know what, they're all bloody well complaining! "Oooo it's too hot!" "Open a window!" "Oh I feel faint!" Whingeing whining wimps! I just love to barbecue, walk out in shorts, sweat, wear flip flops. If only all of our summers had long hot spells like this! Leather on willow. Swallows performing acrobatics in the evening sky. A glass of ice cold light white wine with condensation running down the side. "Oh! It's too hot! I couldn't live in a foreign country if it's like this!" As my old mate Trog used to say - Knickers! Knockers! Knackers!"
Trog was a neighbour who became a dear friend. He died two years ago of lung cancer. I will always remember him in his dressing gown, holding up a twenty pack of cigarettes to show me the government warning on the side - Smoking Kills. "It's true you know", he said with a wicked grin. He was such a character and such a kind and decent man. Now there are new people living in his house - people who occupy his space but never met him or care one iota that he was once with us. I guess that's life...or maybe it's death. Rest in Peace Goronwy "Trog" Evans.


  1. Oy, but it's hot here in Seattle! It was 92 degrees Fahrenheit here in the city. I very nearly shaved my fur off.

  2. We finally have hot weather in Vancouver! The last few weeks it's been cloudy and/or raining. Today was the hottest day of the year so far at 29 degrees C, and tomorrow is set to be even hotter at 31 degrees C. So, it'll be into the Garden with me and my Blanket to lay out on and work on the tan.

    I don't get those people who complain that it's too hot. You might as well take advantage of it, because it never lasts for long.

  3. Long time reader, first time caller. Just wanted to say that I love your blog (I came via Reidski).
    Trog would be happy to know that you're carrying on his good name.

  4. Conga rats, keep up the interesting work.

    Fie on smoking. My daughter smokes.

  5. Happy birthday!As your post illustrates, the dead are not truly gone until all those who remember them have gone too, or at least according to my cod-philosophy.

  6. Belated b'day greetings YP!


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