11 June 2006


My Yorkshire compatriot, Lord Cliff of Richmond architect of the imaginatively titled but now defunct blog, “Cliff’s Column”, recently ran a post - like a meme - in which he listed “Ten Simple Pleasures”. This was such a nice idea, I have borrowed it and here are mine…

1. Eating a traditional Sunday dinner round the table with my family – roast beef, new potatoes, roasted leeks, fresh peas and carrots with gravy, horseradish sauce and of course Yorkshire pudding – Yes ladies you can eat Yorkshire pudding!

2. Lying on my back in the garden watching summer swallows dancing under the clouds.

3. A lovely clear and well-kept pint of draught Tetley’s bitter with a half inch head that leaves foamy drinking lines down the inside of the glass.


4. Picking up my guitar and revisiting songs, forever amazed that my fingers, my voice box and my mind are capable of such artistry.

5. Visiting the old graveyard near the former site of St Faith’s church, west of Leven, East Yorkshire – I don’t know why but this place continues to hold special significance for me. The silence. The mystery.

6. Burying myself in a good book in times where responsibilities and schedules don’t intrude and spoil the connection.

7. Pottering around in the garden in shorts and flip flops, clipping sycamore shoots, briars and bramble runners.

8. Seeing a starry sky on a dark, dark night with no urban light pollution. Amazing!

9. Clean linen sheets that smell of the outdoors and welcome you to sleep.

10. The slightly metallic smell of the air when rain has fallen after a dry spell.


  1. I have a devil of a time posting pictures too, too big, too small, disappear when I try and type something underneath, and you are not the only blogspot user who complains about photos. It just needs patience.

    I'll be round your house for lunch YP,sounds like you produce your sunday lunch with love, set an extra place, but roast potatoes for me, not new ones. Have a good sunday

  2. That metallic smell is the ozone, I think. I love it. I want to keep it in existence.

  3. I'll finish the ten favorite things later.. more evidence of my not being able to read in a straight line. I don't think it's you Pudding or Arthur, I think it's Blogger. I could not even post my last entry. I copied and saved it to notepad for a day and then posted it. I think they are having problems and maybe more across the pond.
    Now back to the program already in progress.

  4. I've posted three things today and they all appeared as the same time and in reverse order. maybe it's just me.

  5. "Yes ladies you can eat Yorkshire pudding!"

    You are so naughty!

  6. 1)Eating a traditional breakfast of steel-cut oatmeal, followed by baked-beans on toast, followed by a pitcher of banana-strawberry yogurt shake.

    2)Lying on my back in the rainforest, crunching bugs between my toes.

    3)A lovely clear and well-kept bottle of Scapa.

    4)Picking out classic Elvis tunes on a 12-string that I "borrowed" and forgot to return.

    5)Visiting the Elephant car wash.

    6)Burying myself in a pile of banana skins, and then jumping up to terrify innocent passers-by.

    7)Taking satellite photos of Mr Pudding pottering around the garden in Hawaiian print shorts and bright pink flip-flops with daisies on them and threatening to sell them to "Hello" magazine.

    8)Tippy-toeing behind Mr Pudding while he's looking at the starry sky, and yelling, "Boo!"

    9)Sleeping with the covers pulled over my head, snoring loudly, dreaming of coffee-pots.

    10)Flying a helicopter.

  7. Anonymous6:31 pm

    Hi-- what program do you use to post pictures? We use flickr...not sure if it's different on the other side of the pond. Go to flickr.com and it becomes the photo server, so you just have to link to the pictures in your post.

  8. Hmmm...Sunday roast :-)

    YP - I've just set up a new Yorkshire Bloggers webring. There used to be one run by somebody else but he's not maintained it for ages.

    Details can be found at


  9. Thanks for signing up. Glad to have you onboard :-)

  10. "ARTHUR" - You are welcome for lunch as long as you don't fart at the table or eat with your mouth open - both "issues" with Mrs Clueless.
    BRAD - I guess you have been checking out Google Earth because when you zoom in on my garden you can see me sunbathing there in my Hawaiian shorts and pink flowery flip flops..
    ALKELDA - Oh wise one, thank you for the explanation about rain after dryness. "Ozone" ey? Is this some kind of cleaning product that city cleaning teams apply to our streets when we are tucked up in bed? I haven't seen any down at the supermarket...

  11. Mr Pudding,

    This is how I post pictures:-

    IMG SRC="http://static.flickr.com/28/43826668_8b3798c25a.jpg" hspace="10" align="center"

    Just input your own url for the picture where "http://......." is.

    Before the img tag and after the center there should be a < and an >.


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