17 November 2006



Wall clock says “Go!”
Last minute chores…grabbing papers…
Switching off…racing home
- That tyrant Work at bay
At least till miserable Monday
Ahead the weekend
Like an unexplored valley
Lush and green,
With hidden delights
Memories to be made
Words to unravel
Places to travel
At the football Fagan racing
Oafish Stoke defender
Just left chasing...
And beer and curry
And what’s the hurry?
Sunday dinner
Roast beef and Yorkshire pud
Oh man, that Friday feeling
Sure feels good!


  1. I want to spend the weekend at your house! put the roast potatoes on, I'll be there in an hour

  2. Thanksgiving coming up here in the USA but my mom doesn't want traditional.. So we are cooking steaks out side. I wanted turkey and gravy. :(

  3. You need a new job, Mr Pudding. Why don't you work for me? Surely one abrasive gorilla boss is preferable to a classroom of snot-nosed warthogs you call "students."

  4. I'm coming over to your house for dinner, if that's okay. I'll bring the trifle.

  5. Arthur - we waited ages for you, even plated up your dinner for microwaving later. We ended up giving your succulent slices of beef to the cat!
    By George - Great Britain should have Thanksgiving for sending all the crazies to places like Australia and the New World. I mean, just look at Dubya! theguy's off his trolley!
    Brad - I would never work for a gorilla because of the smell - gorilla farts and other disgusting simian bodily secretions are not my cup of tea at all.
    Alkelda - Are you trifling with me? I expect you Friday. We're having a traditional English curry made by my Bangladeshi chums down the road. Bring hubby and Lucia too. She can have fish fingers instead.


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