25 November 2006


It's interesting to note how many new words have entered the English language since computers became widespread. In the early seventies, a "mouse" was a furry little rodent that you tempted into springed traps with lumps of Christmas cake and a "hard drive" was either when your tyres were over-inflated or your journey was over rough, rocky terrain. A "monitor" was a kid in school who sucked up to the teachers and brought in mini milk bottles in a crate.
Another term we are all now familiar with is "spam". Of course, this is all the unwanted crap that appears in your e-mail - usually from unscrupulous money-mad morons who care not one hoot about the irritation they cause to millions. So "spam" has become an odious, negative word which I think should be replaced by "bush". "Have you checked your inbox for bush?" is a question we could soon get used to.
I would further like to protest about the Monty Python team's snobbish assault on the product's integrity with their famous "Spam! Spam! Spam! Spam!" song. This in itself caused sales to plunge, making hundreds of "Spam" workers redundant.


The original "Spam" can design 1937.

You see this misuse of the word "spam" is an insult to the delicious canned meat product conceived in Austin, Minnesota in December 1936. It first appeared in the UK during World War II and in a time of shortages and strict rationing it proved a god-send. "Spam" is unfairly reviled. I urge you to pop a can in your trolley next time you are in a supermarket. There are so many great recipes for "Spam" and below I give you a recipe for THE SPAMBURGER! Mmmmmm!

Preparation:5 minutes
Cooking:10 minutes
Serves 4
INGREDIENTS1 x 340g Can SPAM® Chopped Pork and Ham, 4 Burger buns split, 4 Cheese slices, Lettuce leaves, Tomatoes, sliced onion rings, Mayonnaise or relish.
1 Slice SPAM® lengthways into 4 equal slices. Grill under a medium heat on both sides until lightly browned.
2 Assemble burger with SPAM®, cheese, lettuce, tomato slices, onion rings and add relishes to taste.


Mmmm! Spamburger!

Confession - I pinched this recipe from the official UK Spam website www.spam-uk.com Well worth a visit!


  1. The only way I can eat spam is very thinly sliced and fried very crispy.

    With mustard on white bread.

  2. Keith likes spam. I'll direct him to that website.

  3. So what they say about British cooking is true.

  4. Try vegetarian SPAM. It's a bit like vegetarian haggis, only not as textured.

  5. While I will not be eating the Spamburger, not ever, in my lifetime, I do agree that changing the name of junk email to "bush" or perhaps just "W" is an excellent idea.

  6. Vegetarian SPAM, has the world gone mad?

    PS where would I get some of that then?

  7. Spam in batter -- even tastier!

  8. I sincerely doubt there is such a thing as vegetarian SPAM. You can't trust anything Brad the Gorilla says.

    Hello, YP! I may not comment every day, but I stop by anyway.

  9. Anonymous5:58 am

    I LOVE Spam. Thanks for the link to the website. I'll be checkin it out later.

  10. I'd heard a rumour Sheffield was still on rationing but didn't believe it till now. I've posted you some bananas this very morning.

  11. The above comments all look like Spam to me! But thanks for dropping by my fellow bloggers!

  12. The strange things is I like, make that love, cold spam in rolls and sandwiches, but can't stand fried spam!
    But then i can't stand tomatoes either, but don't mind tomato ketchup(Heinz, naturally) or even a bowl of tomato soup.


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