22 August 2007


Blogger Mr Arctic Fox from noxious Huddersfield recently challenged other bloggers to relate facts about themselves, foreshadowing his own list of facts about the rare arctic creature after which his blog was named. I hereby lift up the gauntlet with several facts about the Yorkshire Pudding.
1. The first known Yorkshire pudding recipe to be printed appeared in "The Art of Cooking" by Hannah Glasse in 1796.
2. The Yorkshire pudding was often served as a first course "filler" for poorer people to reduce their appetite for second course meat.
3. Left over Yorkshire pudding can be eaten as dessert with fruit jam (jelly to American readers).
4. The cricket umpire Dickie Bird once wore an upturned Yorkshire pudding on his head like a flat cap for three overs of a test match and nobody noticed.
5. A stale Yorkshire pudding can be soaked in water and used as filler for cracked walls where it hardens like plaster.
6. The frisbee was first invented by two American college students who were throwing a large discarded Yorkshire pudding around in their college grounds.

7. When placed in a Lancashire oven, a Yorkshire pudding will never rise.

8. Elvis Presley passed away after choking on a piece of Yorkshire pudding that had gone down the wrong way.
9. The Yorkshire pudding is an ancient aphrodisiac.

10. The owl and the pussycat didn't sail away in a pea green boat - it was a watertight Yorkshire pudding which they nibbled during their treacherous voyage.

This is not one of those "meme" thingumybobs that gets passed around Blogworld but if you too fancy providing some interesting facts of your own then please go ahead...!


  1. YP, I did tell you that Elvis is not dead but taking care of sheep on the Welsh hills!

  2. I must say that I've never actually had Yorkshire pudding, but those facts make me want to make some and try it.

  3. how very interesting and there was l thinking it was something you had with roast beef & onion gravy.

  4. LADY K. You may have Yorkshire Pudding any time you wish! Just name the time and the place.
    JENNYTA. No that is not Elvis tending the sheep it's Englebert Humperdink
    BY GEORGE Madam, what were you doing when you exhaled that contented mmmmmmmmm? Perhaps eating Yorkshire Pudding?
    MUDDY BOOTS There's more to Yorkshire Pudding than meets the eye. For example, the streets of Beeford used to be paved... not with gold but with leftover Yorkshire Puddings from The Tiger Inn!

  5. Does Yorkshire pudding give one a vivid imagination?

  6. Oh my word.... for one thing it was supposed to be eight facts, but then who is counting?

    For another thing, your blog was very good. May your karma never run over my dogma!!


  7. In your dreams! I know Elvis when I see him. I used to have his photo pinned to the inside of my desk at school. :)


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