19 October 2007


So I found this new fangled search engine thingumyjig called "Goggle" or "Dougal" or something like that and I typed in "Yorkshire Pudding" in a moment of vain self-interest, expecting to receive lots of references to my literary accomplishments. Instead I find millions of recipes for the risen golden batter pudding which was named after this blog! The swines!

There was even a reference to a blog called "The New Yorkshire Pudding" by a New Yorker living in London. How dare he take my name in vain! The swine!

And so I continued exploring "Boogle"/ "Gobble" (?) looking at dozens of pictures of the batter pudding mentioned above. Finally I came across this pale French Yorkshire Pudding with a fairly big sausage curling round inside it. That sausage must be a foot long! Only a foot long! The dish is apparently called "Toad in The Hole" - but where is the toad and where is the frigging hole? And trust the French to have a curly wormlike sausage when English sausages are known to be alarmingly rigid as housewives everywhere will testify. I guess it serves me right for allowing vanity to infest my thoughts this chilly autumn evening. Have a nice weekend!


  1. Vanity, vanity...etc etc Ha!

  2. Harumph! I thought Toad in the Hole was another name for Hen in the Nest, i.e. an egg fried inside a piece of bread with a hole cut through the middle.

    Confession time: Every time I got into an Elephant & Castle, I order Yorkshire Pudding. Yes, yes, I know it's not real Yorkshire Pudding, but when am I getting out to Sheffield next? I'll tell you what-- you fly me out, and I'll do the shows for the children for free. Deal? Deal!

  3. That looks suspiciously like one of Barney's turds coiled down in your namesake.
    Everyone knows that its real title is Frog in the Bog.

  4. I've cursed dogs for leaving such "gifts" on my lawn before now!!!


  5. Avoiding the temptation to think it looks like a giant turd, god it does look delicious. I am ravenous right now!

  6. is that the same as 'eggy in the basket' alkelda ( guess who watch v for vendetta recently?)

  7. Isn't that a Cumberland sausage? And if so, why is it in a Yorkshire pudding?

  8. JENNYTA Were you drunk?
    ALKELDA What the hell is an Elephant and Castle? Is it new American chain - abit like MacDonalds for grown ups?
    KRIP If Barney lays turds like that you should contact your vet!
    ARCTIC FUX No dog has ever left me some toad in the hole!
    ROB CLACK I am ravishing too!
    RILLY SUPER Isn't Egg in the Basket a position in the Karma Sutra?
    M&MS Many men of Cumberland wish to put their sausages in Yorkshire puddings but all have failed.


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