17 April 2008


Urrrgh! They come every so often - men you have never seen before and will never see again. They come in shiny cars, wearing nice ties and pressed shirts, carrying clipboards. Most of them are bald and have to wear reading glasses. They left teaching long ago and climbed on the gravy train, pontificating about the schools they dip into. It's like me visiting Rome for three days and telling the Romans all about their city. That would definitely not go down well.

I despise OFSTED, what it stands for and the people who lick their lips - happy to be on the OFSTED pay roll. We don't need these pompous turncoats with their fat expenses claims. What schools need is smaller classes, money for books and basic resources, wise advisers who can guide without bringing the weight of some unspoken law down upon the heads of the soldiers at the frontline of education. Office For Standards in EDucation - what a load of bollocks!

The dwarf inspector with his alligator smile will be back in our classrooms in the morning, quizzing me like Pontius Pilate on his high horse about standards and progress since the last OFSTED visit, demanding this "evidence" and that "evidence". For Christ's sake you little twerp - I never committed a crime! I just came to work and did my best and I never missed a single day off work in thirty years. Isn't that good enough for you? And besides - these kids come from one of the most disadvantaged housing complexes in Europe. What do you expect? Miracles?


  1. re: above.... don't go there it's malicious!!

  2. re: your blog.... as soon as unquantifiable things are quantified then you get idiots who try to enforce imaginary boundaries. How can we possibly have league tables for schools and hospitals? It's all a load of cobblers, and the worst people are those that actually believe in it, and unfortunately for you.... they are running rampant in your school at the minute!!

    They'll be gone soon and you can get back to teaching!!

    Hang in there


    It's one of those nasty weirdos that sniff around the edges of the blogosphere - looking to make mischief.

  4. Oh dear, YP, as soon as I saw the heading on this post, my heart sank for you. :( Hope it goes Ok for you all.

  5. Anonymous2:12 am

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  6. Shouldn't mention work but...
    hopefully no-one will identify me from this! ;-)
    I work in a public library building, with computers for free public use. Three times a week they're block booked by a local adult education group that offers cheap or free, depending on your circumstances, beginnners & intermediate ccomputer courses, using our machines, when the area is blocked off exclusively for their classes.
    Anyway, next week OFSTED are visiting them, and this includes the classes at our place.
    To get ready they've asked to move books on computers from the general lending section into the computer room, and have got in new chairs to replace the tatty but adequate ones in there. I'm surprised they haven't replaced the caprpets & re-painted the ceiling. But for that I'd expect a visit from the Queen & not just OFSTED!

  7. We had similar in Louisiana. I had to be watched several times and evaluated. I was in special ed. Talented in Visual Art. My kids were all over the map academically and some even had parole officers, but they were exceptional in art. My license was ancillary and I could only teach visual art. But I still had to be evaluated. And I had to abide by the hots (higher order thinking skills). I had to turn in individual evaluation worksheets on each child yearly, search out each one of my children each year and make a schedule based on all their schedules, I had to make my own curriculum, because the system had no book and I had to take mountains of abuse from the other "real" teachers because I didn't do as much "work" as they did. The administrators look at you like you are from Mars because they only think on the left side of their brain. I don't get along with principals and deans.
    Im going to use this as a post on my blog, Pudding man. Now you've got me all het up.


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