13 April 2008


You cannot be serious! That ball. It was never, ever over the line - never in a month of Sundays. Everybody in the ground could see it - even the Queens Park Rangers forwards and their manager. And yet... and yet... there was the linesman Mr A. Smith waving his little yellow flag to signal that the ball had crossed the line. What does the A stand for anyway? Is it that hole that we always find ourselves sitting on?Hull City 1 QPR1. Two points lost in our promotion campaign. Mr A. Smith's error could not only cost Hull City fifty million pounds, it could also break in half the lifelong dreams of twenty thousand supporters - myself included. I admit that we didn't play well today but if we are going to lose or draw then please let it be with legitimate goals from the opposition. Watch out Mr A. Smith! Vengefully, I am coming for you. The only trouble is I have approximately 127,520 A. Smiths to telephone in order to track you down. In the meantime, why not visit Specsavers you dumbass "assistant referee"!

Thank heavens that defender Michael Turner was able to snatch a well-deserved equaliser in injury time. The feeling I experienced high up in The West Stand was something akin to orgasm. I may be experiencing the exact opposite next Saturday when we sit amongst Sheffield United supporters as the Hull City tickets are sold out and the only way we can get in is to pretend to be Blades fans. The Premiership is tantalisingly so close and yet frustratingly so faraway. Come on you Hull!


  1. Reading your comments suggests to me that there is a direct link between supporting Hull City & The Auckland Blues, both seem to have the same degree of frustration, euphoria,anger etc in equals doses. Pity their balls are different shapes.

  2. You're still right up there. Would be great to see them in the top flight.

  3. Oh dear, YP, having a bad day? :)

  4. I'm taking my linesman and ball home then!!


  5. Anonymous1:55 pm

    Maybe its perhaps better that
    hull do not go up as they will probably do as well as derby has this year. Sorry....

  6. Brak the dreams of 20,000 lifelong fans? Yeah, right!
    For those of you who've been going since the fourth division days at Boothferry Park, I hope you go up.
    But don't give me crap about 20,000 lifelong fans...


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