3 February 2009


A good five inches fell late yesterday afternoon and into the evening. They say it has been the biggest snowfall in England for twenty years but that is probably because the national news emerges from London and they very rarely experience proper snow down there. It has reminded me of a time some sixteen years ago when the kids and I sledged all the way down our long sloping road. How we laughed.
I love the quietness of snow. Not just the absence of traffic on the roads but the deadening of noise. It muffles everything so that when a sound does appear you notice it all the more. It is distinct.

Suffice to say, the phone rang at 6.45am. It was the Wicked Witch of the North - our esteemed headteacher. Time to put the bad weather phone cascade into operation. I stirred all my English teachers from their slumbers to bring them the bad news - school closure today. How will we ever complete our schemes of work now? Fretting about this, I lumbered down to Johanna's little sandwich shop cafe for a full English breakfast before snapping the extra wintry scenes above for your interest and appreciation.


  1. Lovely photos, YP. We have about the same amount round here but, it's Wales, so the BBC isn't interested. A day off eh? Lucky (I mean poor) you! You could always have an online video conference with your colleagues. No? OK, just trying to help, you know. ;)

  2. Ah, just lovely. We never get snow here. I'm sure you get sick of it quickly, especially when it turns to slush but I would love that quietness, and the lack of traffic. I think I was born a century too late...
    I'm sure you'll bear up under the strain of not being able to go to school.

  3. You'd think an ice age had swept the country. There was considerably more snow in Aberdeen a few weeks ago when Pig "Farmer" and son were freezing their nuts off at Pittodrie, but nobody made a fuss, the buses still ran, planes still flew, ferries left on time.

    Good pix though.

  4. Hope you enjoyed your day off.

    I enjoyed my day at school!

  5. JENNYTA Online video conferencing? No way! Not in my dressing gown and chin stubble.
    KATHERINE The strain of not going to work (not school) is something only toughnuts like me can bear.
    MALC You are right. We make too much fuss over so little. I guess that in Aberdeen theyare better prepared.
    THREE LEGGED CAT Do I detect a slight note of bitter envy? Surely not!

  6. I was intrigued to find that you had posted on Yeats' poem "The Lake Isle of Innisfree" on 29 January. I myself posted about it around the same time on 2 February - an interesting coincidence - I haven't been looking here for a while. I liked what you said about the poem - insightful I thought.

    You are certainly having a right old time with the weather aren't you! - I guess despite everything it will be something that all the children will look back on in years to come and remember as 'the big chill of 09' - I saw on the news tonight a lot of UK people having fun with a snowball estimated to weigh nearly a ton - ye gods!

  7. Not all of Yorkshire is covered int he white stuff, over here we have none, nothing, zilch. The schools remain open, the roads passable and no sudden upturn in sales of sledges or tea trays. Throw a snowball at a traffic warden for me please.

  8. Anonymous7:21 pm

    Gorgeous snaps Yorkie.

    We had a terrible December in Vancouver where nearly 3ft of snow fell inside 2 weeks. Vancouver is the only place in Canada that's like the UK and gets very little snow. To hear we had more than places that regularly suffer temperatures of -40 and below was a real treat.

    I hope you enjoyed your day off work!

  9. you need to get a builder to put a roof on your school YP, then it can open even when it's cold or rainy outside- if wimbldon tennis court can have a roof then schools should have them too!


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