2 February 2009


They closed my workplace at lunchtime today. I was back home by 2.15. The main roads of Sheffield were clear and tarmac grey and the pavements only had a thin coating of the white stuff as I drove home in near record time. On a good day it takes 21 minutes. Today I made it in 19 mins 45 seconds. A great run! No other commuters around and no doubt plenty of scaredycats at home watching "The Jeremy Kyle Show" or some other such nonsense, instead of clogging up the roads.

Now it's 3.30pm. Thick flakes are falling and in the last hour I guess an inch has come down. We live on a hill and the road outside our house is treacherous so I left the car on the top flat road ready for tomorrow morning.... but you never know your luck! With all this legendary global warming around, it could be the return of the Ice Age and another day off work.

Before plonking myself down at this keyboard, I nipped oiutside to take a few snaps specially for this post - just to make visitors from The Antipodes envious of our weather as they suffer in their uncomfortable heatwaves! "Hay Shoila! Chack annava burger on the barbie!"

Above:- Pudding Towers Tradesmen's Entrance/ The little stone girl under the cherry tree/ hedge sparrows on the bird table. See how THICK the snow was at 2.30! Like Canada or Lapland. How did I make it home?


  1. Elder Daughter took 3 hours to get from Scunthorpe back to Sheffield this evening. All Birmingham schools are close tomorrow.

  2. Now THAT's a proper bird table! No roof, no fancy bits - - just food. I bet the birds love it.

  3. Love the pictures. Enjoy your snow. We may get an inch or so here in NY, but I'm about finished with winter. Do you have weather/snow days in your contract or do you have to make up the days as my sis does in North Carolina? We had three days and used them all. My Offspring have five and they used three as well. They get extra days off in May if they don't use all their 'snow days'.

  4. Is this a novelty for you? I can see where a tradesman exited the rear of the house leaving his mark on the snow.
    As for the attempt at "Strain" you will have to do better than that - took me a few moments to work out what it was you were actually saying!! and in any case I'm a vegetarian!

  5. Lovely pics YP. But I'm not envious at all 'though. You'll have to try harder than that.
    It is a perfectly perfect 26ºC (78ºF) at this very minute, inside and out. Oh ,bloody chooks have got out again and are in the garden grrr.

  6. You should let those hedge sparrows into Pudding Tower to get warm.

    We had an arctic blast last week that closed down virtually everything. Several inches of snow on top of an inch of ice that had fallen earlier, then some more ice for good measure. I had to go into work, which is typically a 25 minute drive, and it took me 40 minutes. Not bad -- but that was only because there were only 3 or 4 other people who were crazy enough to drive that day.

  7. Nice pictures.

    Nice journey time as well. My head doesn't believe in closing early, so we left at the normal time. For some reason I got home rather late!

  8. Must be in the wrong job. I started work as you were leaving work yesterday. No question of shutting early, even when it snowed later in the day.


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