23 May 2009


Down at the pub, there was a poster in the window - "Survival Sunday". Are we talking about starving children or the aftermath of the swine flu pandemic, motorway mayhem or widespread flooding? No! It's far more important than that. It's the question of who will be relegated from the English Premiership.

It took my team - Hull City - 105 years to finally get there and earlier this season there seemed to be no chance of us being down at the bottom facing the drop on the final day of the season. But there we are and all we have to do is to win our final game to guarantee safety. Who are we playing? Why none other than that little north west pub team called Manchester United! You may have heard of them. They will be playing Barcelona next Wednesday in the European Champions League final!

May I humbly ask all bloggers out there to keep their fingers, toes, legs and other bodily protuberances firmly crossed between 4pm and 6pm this Sunday evening? Also if you are of a religious persuasion please pray for our lads. We dared to dream, we have lived the dream but we want to live that dream for another year. For Jesus Christ's sake....Amen. COME ON YOU HULL! Managers - Shearer, Southgate, Sir Phil Brown (City) and Sbregia.


  1. Good luck mate, will be watching the results out here in Auckland

  2. I've heard of Manchester United, don't they play badminton??

    Good luck, YP!

  3. Ho! Ho! Ho! We did it! Another season in The Premiership. Thanks to Steve for your good wishes and Sam... badminton? If they did play it, I'm sure they'd be worldbeaters!

  4. It's hard to pray when I'm concentrating on bodily protuberances....

    I meant difficult, of course.


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