6 June 2009


No doubt Gordon Brown is a good man. No doubt he is intelligent and no doubt his economic understanding underpinned the "New" Labour Party's successful first ten years in office. However, he wasn't elected to be prime minister by the British people and in lots of ways he doesn't come across as a proper leader.
Emily Bronte once wrote that "the eyes are the windows of the soul". I know it's unfortunate and perhaps not a little "disablist" but when you look into Gordon Brown's eyes you see a furtive creature of the night who cannot establish proper eye contact. The interminable debate that foreshadowed Brown's succession to the Labour throne turned my stomach. We, the British people, did not pick him. He appeared to have risen to this position as if it was his God-given right!
I despise the renegade nobodies - Purnell, Hutton and Flint - with their arrogance, their disloyalty, their weasel words and their strategically delayed ambitions. However, weighing things up, seeing how things are, it is surely Gordon Brown's time to go.
I have no idea who might replace him or become the next prime minister. I fear the idea of Cameron entering Number 10. His priorities, though purporting to be inclusive, will, without a shadow of a doubt, favour the wealthy, landowners, business magnates, insurance brokers. Tories always look after themselves first. Soon after election that wolf would cast off his sheep's clothing.
Even so Gordon, gifted legal warrior of justice and son of a Presbyterian minister, it is clearly your time to pack your things and go. Britain needs someone more inspirational and more believable to move us on to the future. The expenses fiasco has helped to reveal a tired government of careerists and morally bankrupt egotrippers. This is not why I tramped the streets of Hillsborough and Tillicoultry - pushing Labour leaflets through letterboxes guarded by slavering, murderous Rottweilers and Alsatians. Sing it people..."Gordon Brown. Never a frown. We're going down with Gordon Brown!" (After The Stranglers "Golden Brown")


  1. Depressing, isn't it? Gordon made a decent job of the right-wing agenda he was handed by Blair in 1997, but looks foolish now the wheels are falling off (as they were always destined to do).

    The whole business just shows what a worthless, self-serving bunch of hyenas New Labour have become.

    Cameron is equally obnoxious and the Tories are still the same bastards who declared war on working people in 1979.

  2. I am more than happy to give you Kevin Rudd.

  3. "He appeared to have risen to this position as though it was his God-given right."

    Same thing with our leader, although in his case he did receive the vote of slightly more than half of the American electorate.

    "The [doesn't matter what kind of] fiasco has helped to reveal a tired government of careerists and morally bankrupt egotrippers."

    Same thing with our government.

    I didn't realize we had so much in common.

  4. I hate this government: but anyone who thinks that things would improve if the Tories got in is deluded. I think I hate Labour slightly more than I hate the Tories though because I've always voted Labour and feel incredibly let down. I didn't vote yesterday - - for only the second time ever. Just no enthusiasm. If the BNP get in I suppose it'll be my fault.

  5. Deirdre9:14 am

    What will become of us all? who is going to sweep in like a super hero and save us? somewhere out there must be a soul with a conscience and a tough spirit who can steer us out of these troubled waters.......no idea who though...

  6. My high hopes for GB were dashed on day two....what a non-leader he's turned out to be. Blair knew it all along - but I disliked him so much I couldn't believe him. Time to go, mate, time to go; your obstinacy is the final nail in the Labour coffin. Perhaps we might now find socialism hiding somewhere in a corner and drag it out into the sunshine.

  7. MALC You and I seem to be very much on the same wavelength. Spooky!
    CRAIG Kevin Rudd? Didn't he get dumped by that stingray?
    RHYMES Where did you got those wise and incisive quotations?...Wait a minute..it's me? Blush!
    DAPHNE If the TCP get in it will be your fault! The TCP promise to sanitise politics and fight infection.
    MOPSA When you signed up to be a farmer they should have told you that means you have to be a true blue Tory. No wonder word is spreading in the Yeo Valley...Oo arr! There's a witch living in sin at South Yeo...bring torches - not the electric sort!

  8. Agree with every word.

    And am like Malc really very depressed about the whole political scene.

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  10. I see no way back for Labour for a long while.

    It's going to take some serious kahunas and leadership to drag itself back to its original ideals of equality for all and to its former position as the party of those people that it has forgotten (particularly the white underclass- I shall not say working class as those ideals seem to have gone for ever- we're all either under the radar or pseudo-middle class now.

    The quicker its done the quicker that Cameron and his ilk will be out on their ears and extremists can do one also.

    But who to lead this?

    Milliband, Balls and Benn?

    I don't think so...

  11. Does Bangkok Whatsisname mean "serious kahunas" or "serious cojones"...either way, and even if you don't speak Spanish, it will take some doing.

  12. I think the Hawaiian magician/sorcerer might be more beneficial than a vulgar set of Spanish bol****...

    Latin Americanisms were never my strong point...



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