18 June 2009


This optical illusion has been doing the rounds for a few years. You have probably seen it before. Stare at the four black dots in the middle for about ten seconds and then stare at a blank sheet of paper or a light coloured wall. At first you just see a rough circle of light. Then the miracle happens. Christ is born again!
I believe! I believe! ...Mind you, it could be Charles Manson!


  1. i thought it was one of those troopers from star wars

  2. Hello, I was passing so I popped in. I did the four dots stare and couldn't believe the image I got.

  3. Blimey! And I'd just commented that all that Lourdes nonsense was nonsense and then suddenly there he is! Jesus on my very dining-room wall. Sadly I reckon that's the nearest, my God, to thee that I've ever got.


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