2 January 2012


It was impossible for our flight to touch down as scheduled in Sri Lanka on New Years Day. This was because of tropical stormclouds piling up creating violent meteorological conditions over the Andaman Sea. We had chartered a seaplane to fly us from Colombo to Blogland but in the event we never got there. The pilot ignored my desperate pleas and kept going on and on through day and night, until we arrived in this place:-
Recognise it? We have never been here before so we are going to stick around for a while as I make new onward travel arrangements for Blogland.


  1. It looks rather like Toronto to me. Will Blogland have igloos?

  2. a belated Happy New Year PUd!
    good luck for 2012!!!!

  3. Sir, Sir! (waves hand madly and irritatingly). I know that place!!! It's the Land of the Aucks!


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