21 March 2012


Millionaire Osborne this morning with budgie concealed in handbag
Today, our esteemed and beloved Chancellor of the Exchequer - The Right Honourable George Gideon Oliver Osborne delivered his budgie to the nation. The budgie was taken to parliament in a red handbag that went well with Georgie Boy's stilettos but seemed  an inappropriate container for a frightened showbird. As you can see from the picture above, there were no airholes in the handbag even though an airhole was carrying it.

Osborne, who hails from the Welsh seaside resort of Royal Rhylington Spa, advised assembled parliamentarians that there would be plenty of budgie seed for noble landowners "born to rule" and very little for the nation's seething mass of whining serfs. When his pet budgie was released from the Vivienne Westwood designed handbag, it did not say "Who's a pretty boy?" to its master. Instead it flew around the chamber for a while before splattering its blue-blooded owner with creamy budgerigar droppings. A direct hit! This was greeted with loud cries of "Hear! Hear!" from the opposition benches.

Meanwhile pundits and newspaper columnists are struggling to come to terms with the implications of the budgie which is pictured below:-
Osborne's budgie Sir Peter is named after his father.


  1. That just about sums it up, YP. Why are we not surprised???

  2. Afraid you've lost me on this one, Bud. Did some idiot politician actually haul a parakeet in a purse and turn it loose inside? Would you be interested in trading your birdman for two or three of our birdbrained Republican presidential candidates?

  3. JAN BLAWAT Sorry for the Englishness of this reference. Every year around this time our finance minister (Chancellor) presents a "budget" to parliament outlining proposed fiscal changes. The word "budget" sounds like "budgie" so I was just having a bit of fun with the idea.

  4. No problem. You can have all 3 birdbrain Republicans for free.


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