23 February 2013


Frances flew to Vietnam on Friday evening. We had fun that morning at the Vietnamese Embassy in Bangkok because my darling daughter had forgotten to do anything about acquiring a visa - even though The Great Pudding had warned her about this back in January. If it had been anybody else, their ears would have been ringing with earthy Yorkshire expletives and I am not talking about "Ee by gum!" or "Cripes!". Anyway, to our mutual relief the visa was waiting for her when we returned to the laid back and understaffed embassy visa office at three thirty. Her flight was leaving at seven thirty. Many people have been sent back from Vietnam for failing to sort out visas ahead of travelling... especially Americans who for some reason are not the country's favourite friendly nation. I can't think why.

Now I am in an internet cafe in Kanchanaburi - Bridge on the River Kwai town - three hours west of Bangkok. I don't go back to work till Tuesday. I am with Jon from the school. His wife Denise and Baby Alexa are now back in England. Tomorrow we have booked a day tour which should take in some interesting sights in the area...
Love from Thailand,
Y.Pudding (Why not?)


  1. Well have fun YP and take loads of pics for us!

  2. You must have been cross with her YP but also sad to see her go..enjoy your weekend.

  3. I always hate it when someone else lets my kid skate through life, instead of enforcing the rules I've tried to convince him are essential. My son flies by the seat of his pants and always manages to do well.

  4. Ha, daughters, eh!! :)

  5. By the way, talking about Bangkok, have you seen the floating market mentioned in the Headway English course text book that we use in class? As in, (quote):
    "There are four floating markets around Bangkok and the oldest and most popular is in the town of Damnoen Saduak.
    This market opens every day from 6.30 a.m. It’s best to shop early and go by water taxi. After 9 a.m. the tourist buses arrive, and it’s much too busy.
    It’s a colorful, noisy, fascinating place. Old ladies with huge hats sit in small boats, filled with tropical fruit and vegetables, fresh coconut juice and local food. Did you miss your breakfast? Then just call a seller for a bowl of hot soup. He’ll get it from a cooker at the back of his boat!
    But the boats don’t just sell food. Would you like a traditional hat? A silk dress? A flowered shirt?"

  6. HIPPO Picturestaken and when I next have a chance I will share some.
    LIBBY Like Arnie - she will be back on Wednesday!
    JAN BLAWAT Thanks for dropping by. Yeah - some young people lead charmed lives.
    JENNY Daughters! Yeah. Bloody princesses!
    BRIAN There are floating markets - some of them "fake". I haven't been to the Headway English one but as you have said it I just might try to visit Damnoen Saduak.

  7. OK, by the way, what is a "fake" floating market? A market with a few puddles (like Barnsley's)?
    If you go, take photos of the huge ladies with old hats, in small boats, or was that old ladies in small hats .... please :)

  8. Kids! That's why we have grey hair. I' sure you enjoyed your visit though it was short. You seem to have been out there for ages, when do you go home? Are you missing the cold weather??


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