26 February 2013


 Back to work now but here are three images from our time on Koh Samet:-
At the entrance to the ferry port - Koh Samet
Fruit selller on the beach
Our lovely Frances on the beach
And then after she went to Vietnam, I headed west to Kanchanaburi for two nights, staying at the same country guest house I visited in 2011.

At the magnificent Erawan Falls, near the border with Burma
Hellfire Pass on the infamous Thai-Burma "Death Railway"


  1. Glad you having a great time, YP. :-)

  2. Echo jennta
    Makes our humdrum lives seem even more humdrum

  3. They'll never keep the ne'er-do-wells out while they've got a keyhole that size. Where on earth do you keep the key?

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. Sounds and looks fabulous.

  6. JENNY Great time? Not always. Today I have Bangkok belly. The explosions resound around the school corridors.
    EARL GRAY Humdrum? Not your life sir. With all your critters and your village people...
    SHOOTING PEE Ha! Ha! They keep the key in Brobdinag.
    LIBBY Come over! I'll give you an oil massage on the beach!

  7. The place looks idyllic and then you see the last photograph and realise that starving, very sick dying men dug that cutting. Bloody sobering.

  8. Next time you are on Koh Samet get a drink at cafe Bar old Amsterdam.


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