8 April 2014


Andy "Jock" Davidson - Hull City legend.
He died on Sunday at the age of 81. With a record 579 first team appearances, Jock was a one club man and was the club captain during one of City's purple patches - the mid nineteen sixties. That's when I saw him play many times - a fearless and uncompromising fullback - you wouldn't want to be tackled by him. He first came down to Hull from Scotland in his late teens. It was 1947 and he stayed for the rest of his life. Former star striker Chris Chilton once said of Jock, “As a captain and a motivator, and as a guy who led by example, Andy Davidson was second to none. It was total commitment.” His son Neil said,"If you cut Dad open it would be black and amber. There would be a bit of green and white for Celtic but Hull City was his life. It was win at all costs for him throughout his life and he fought right until the end."

He suffered from Alzheimers in his final years. Bravely heading thousands of heavy old school leather footballs on soggy winter pitches may have contributed to his demise. Jock might have played yet more matches for The Tigers had it not been for three broken legs and a year of National Service with the Royal Air Force.

What a shame Jock won't be around to see Hull City's FA Cup semi-final match against Sheffield United this coming Sunday.I invite other bloggers to leave their personal tributes to Jock Davidson in the comments section May he rest in peace.
A day later - I notice that no one else has commented on Jock Davidson's demise. I can only imagine that this respectful silence is punctuated by the tinkling sound of your most mournful teardrops.


  1. Being an uncivilised American and all, I had never heard of your Mr. Davidson, so could hardly leave a "tribute" -- however, anyone you hold in such high regard had to have been a prince of man. I am sorry for Hull City's loss and your own personal loss as well. As we religious types sometimes say, may perpetual light shine upon him.

    1. I appreciate your comment Mr RWP. But how will Jock sleep in heaven if the light is always on?

  2. I know you are being snarky, but I will attempt to answer your question as though you were not (being snarky). Jock will not need sleep in heaven because there we will have incorruptible, immortal bodies as opposed to the corruptible, mortal bodies we have now, which become fatigued and need rest. St. Paul wrote about this in the last half of One Corinthians chapter 15 if you should care to investigate further. Of course, now (here on earth) we see through a glass darkly, but then (in heaven) face to face, so St. Paul (and, by extension, I) may not be describing things accurately down to the nth degree, in which case I apologize for taking up your valuable time.

    1. Thank you for the lesson Pastor Bob. Thinking about heaven makes me miserable because I am aware of my sins and I accept that the gatekeepers won't let me in even if I bring chocolates, flowers and a winning lottery ticket. Maybe if I disguise myself as you I'll be able to walk right in. Have they got beer in heaven?

  3. One can only hope.

    When disguising yourself as me, don't forget extra padding in the front of your underpants. Otherwise it would be a dead (pardon the expression) giveaway.

  4. Sounds like he was a true hero, one of the footballers who were worth looking up to. What we now call a "role model", which is just the opposite of 99% of modern day footballers. A pity those days have gone - and with it, my interest in football is on the wane too. I still like to watch the odd match (from the settee) but really find it hard to be inspired by the idiots playing for most top teams. Maybe it's different at Hull FC !
    Anyway, I don't know whether he's resting or in heaven or wherever, the most important thing we can say about him is that he inspired people like yourself to remember him.


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