29 April 2006


Further evidence of the incompetence of the business lunch munching five star hotel crew known as the Football Association surfaces with the news that the Brazilian nut isn't going to take the job of England manager after all! What the hell is going on? The sweet F.A. tell us we are getting this oaf Scolari and then two days later Scolari snubs them. What a narrow escape we have had! It is as if my prayers and the prayers of thousands of other England supporters have been answered. Now I pray that the sweet F.A. do what they should have done in the first place and give the job to Steve McLaren. He's passionate but dignified and he will be a good diplomat for the success of the national team. I wonder if Scolari knows the Portugese word for "twat". If he looks it up, he will be staring at a description of himself. Come on England!


  1. Mclaren isn't available!

  2. The best man for the job was undoubtedly Scolari. But there is no doubt that popular opinion from those such as yourself wanted an Englishman, or, as consolation, an Irishman.

    So what happens now? Those like McLaren who had been in the frame will think they are only getting the job as a result of someone else turning it down - it won't exactly be a thrilling prospect for them.

  3. McLaren will be judged by his results and proving the suckers were wrong to snub him in the first place will provide him with plenty of motivation. People from Hull are used to being shat upon. How could Scolari really be the best man for the job when he can't speak English? Often you could make a chimpanzee the manager of Brazil and the team would still win cups. In some respects managers are only as good as the players they have got.

    Oh and CLIFF RICHARD - McLaren IS available. Middlesborough can have Steve Bruce when Birmingham dump that squashed-face turncoat.

  4. Why, why, why no mention of Graham Taylor ? He's out of work, knows the ropes and would provide a steadying hand on the tiller of the troubled ship Ingerlund.


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