27 April 2006


The English Football Association must be occupied by a bunch of fools. We don't want bloody Luis Felippe Scolari to lead our national team. We want an Englishman (or woman!). Okay Scolari would be better than the turnip but he's simply not English. This is a country of over 45 million (hear that Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland!) surely to God we can find one suitable candidate for the England job and that man was most definitely the Hull-born, over-sexed beach god - Mr Steve McClaren. I despair, I really do.
Like most Brazilians - a complete nut!
If England players have to be English then surely our manager should be English too. Scolari can't even speak our language properly so how could he fire up our lads? That Brian Barwick deserves a good pasting and if I see him in our local chippie he's going to get a right mouthful from me. Luis Felippe Scolari - sounds like a bloody ballet dancer!


  1. Would that be the same Scolari I heard on the radio two days ago categorically denying he had had any contact whatsoever from the F.A.?

    I guess it would be.

    I hate liars.

  2. Mr Mclaren has a job to do and no-one else is having him. They say that Middlesborough has no road signs because nobody ever leaves and he's not going anywhere untill the inexorable march to world domination arrives at the promised land.


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