2 April 2006


Hull City 1 Leeds United 0
As a Yorkshire city, Leeds has always thought of itself as somewhere special but other Yorkshire cities scorn it. As the football chant goes - "We all hate Leeds! We all hate Leeds! Scum! We all hate Leeds! We all hate Leeds!" In all of the years I have supported Hull City, Leeds United have been top dogs. In their famous white strips, great players have nobbled or headed, blasted or dribbled their way to fame and success while Hull City have floundered in lower divisions. Today, April Fools Day 2006, it was our turn to gloat. Not only did we beat Leeds, we comprehensively outplayed them. Any neutral onlooker would have thought that we were the ones pushing for the Premiership and not lillywhite Leeds. They looked so very ordinary. So it's a big Yabadabadoo for the black and amber boys!
Right: The superb Leon Cort and Leeds's David Healy battle for the ball at the KC Stadium, Hull.


  1. All I can do is thank you for playing your part in the effort to stop the SCUM from being promoted.


  2. Oh what a great day yesterday was for beating the big rivals...will sober up sometime Monday morning at this rate!

  3. Woohooooo!! Die Leeds Die! I hate that team with a Passion!

  4. Wosser supports Man U, need I say more.



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