16 March 2010


Demodex or more properly Demodex Folliculorum is a tiny parasite that mainly lives on and around human eyelashes. It is a "face mite" - there are others by the way. They belong to the arthropod genus and an adult demodex measures between 0.3mm and 0.4mm. They can only be seen with the aid of a microscope. Some biologists believe that in small numbers the creature serves a useful purpose in maintaining sebaceous glands and hair follicles but a large infestation may result in itchiness and other mild allergic reactions around the eyes. Scientific guesswork suggests that half of the adult population of the world is permanently hosting these invisible mites and as we grow older infestation rates increase. They have very likely been our secret companions since we were cave people. There are of course males and females. They mate at the entrance to hair follicles and the resulting young are hatched within three or four days to begin their work, perhaps hoping that they will also get to mate before the end of their month long lives. I wonder what they say to each other as they are going about their business, mostly while we are sleeping...


  1. YP Demodex 1: We're lucky buggers tha' knows...

    YP Demodex 2: Why's that then?

    YP Demodex 1: Waaay, we're living in God's Own County on't eyelash o' one o't God's own people!

    YP Demodex 2: Who thi' 'ell is God?

    YP Demodex 1: Oh shut it, tha' gret lump... Fancy a bit o' 'ow's thee father...?

    YP Demodex 2: Aye, go on then- can we do it some weir a bit moor exotic and not just on this mester's eyelash agean?...

    YP Demodex 1: Tha's a bit o'n a kinky gyet thee, aren't tha?

    YP Demodex 2: Am not, tha' is though! Tha should get thi sen to Bangkok wi' is former work colleague/co-worker for our American cousins, even lads have eyeliner on over thee er...

    YP Demodex 1: They don't?

    YP Demodex 2: Thee bleedin' well do- ave been before came back across wi' one o' them Thai brides- reet uncomfortable it wer anall...

    YP Demodex 1: Oh bugger!

    YP Demodex 2: What?

    YP Demodex 1: I'm about to dee, tha' daft bugger! Keepin' me bleedin' talkin'!!!

    YP Demodex 2: Quick mek a bucket list.

    YP Demodex 1: What's one o' them?

    YP Demodex 2: All things tha' wanted to do but never could... Go and visit 7 wonders o' hairy body- eyebrows or exotic places dahn below and that...

    I said dahn below, tha' miserable chuff! Dave, Dave...oh bugger- on me own agean...Oh 'ang on there's another over theer- olreight love...

  2. I don't know that they say, but I say "Eeewwwwwwwww"....

  3. Brilliant comment from Bangkok Booths - worthy of a post in its own right. :)

  4. YUK !!!
    Too much information. Now you've got me staring in the magnifying mirror and THAT'S frightening !!!

  5. Elizabeth2:38 pm

    Isn't it odd how talking about these things, immediately makes us itch! And those images, YP; UUUGGGHHHH!!!!

    Are you being paid by an anti-bug chemical producer for this post?

    I hope the weather's nice, tomorrow, then you can go on one of your pleasant walks and take your eyelash passengers with you !!!

  6. God help me, I wish I had never read this.....


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