3 March 2010


Michael Mackintosh Foot (1913-2010) former leader of Britain's Labour Party who died today. He accepted the challenge of leadership in what Gordon Brown has called "the most difficult of circumstances". He was a true man of principle, an intellectual, a fighter who was averse to spin and image manipulation. We shall not see his like again.


  1. Deirdre11:05 am

    Amen....sad news.

  2. Elizabeth12:16 pm

    Warm, funny and extremely cultured and well read. He treated everyone he met with equal respect, regardless of politics or background. I just pulled out a letter from him - he wrote beautifully as well as being a wonderful orator and a mesmerising conversationalist.His like don't walk the earth very often.

  3. RIP Michael Foot.

    Indeed, a man of integrity.

    It's a shame he allowed himself to be manipulated to the front of British politics and become a symbol of ridicule for the right-wing press and the ever growing style over substance British public of the 80s.

    Amusingly the erstwhile SWFC striker Michele Di Piedi is translated as Michael of the foot...

  4. Ahhh I didn't know he'd died. He reminds me of when the Labour Party was something I might believe in.


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