17 March 2010


The poor little demodex folliculorum mite, going merrily about his business, as he has done for millennia - how could anyone find this tiny creature repulsive? Thanks to Banger Booth for the amusing imagined dialogue between Mr and Miss Demodex - left in the comments after my last post. The action is happening on my face around the eyelashes. For those who didn't read this literary masterpiece, crafted in South Yorkshire dialect, here's just a sample:-

YP Demodex 1: Oh shut it, tha' gret lump... Fancy a bit o' 'ow's thee father...?
YP Demodex 2: Aye, go on then- can we do it some weir a bit moor exotic and not just on this mester's eyelash agean?
YP Demodex 1: Tha's a bit o'n a kinky gyet thee, aren't tha?
YP Demodex 2: Am not, tha' is though!

Quite likely the author - exiled to Thailand by English education authorities - had been to see his dealer before tapping away at his stained and battered Bangkok keyboard!

Anyway, recognising the disgust, nay outrage that my helpful information about demodex folliculorum unintentionally ignited, I felt I should compensate with some pleasantness. Two more pictures from my rambles around Sheffield's "Golden Frame". They were taken on Tuesday afternoon. Cue "Last of The Summer Wine" theme tune.
Above - Woodthorpe Hall with snowdrops. Below - teasels on Holmesfield Common looking northwards to Sheffield.


  1. Now that's more like it!

  2. My lawyers (ones in eyeliner and sans the eyelash parasites) will be in touch from their Bangkok hovel...offices...

    I bet you used to laugh at the Sex Education lessons at your academy deep in the bowels of Yorkshire also, didn't you? You pervert...

    Infamy, infamy..Pud's got it in for me...

  3. Elizabeth8:34 pm

    Ah, pleasantness is restored.

    The photograph of the teasels is beautiful. x

  4. You do have some lovely places around you to escape to, YP. Btw do make sure your eye makeup is not out of date or you'll get all sorts of other nasty creepy crawlies attacking your eyelashes. ;)

  5. It will take many more shots of Holmesfield Commons to wipe out the shock of Demodex Folliculorum....

  6. Can't help it, I always call teasels tweasels. I'm convinced that's the right word.

  7. HELEN Sleep well. Don't have nightmares.
    PADDY O'BOOTH Pervert? Say that again and I will tell visitors to this blog why both Birmingham and Sheffield Education Authorities wanted you out of the country.
    ELIZABETH Sorry if the idea of the microscopic eyelash friends upset you in any way.
    JENNYTA Don't worry. My cosmetics are always fresh from Gay Paree!
    RHYMES Sorry mate but a gentleman of your senior years living in a sub-tropical climate is guaranteed to be hosting dozens of the little critters. Don't worry...in small numbers they are harmless.
    MOPSA Do you get other words mixed up? e.g. teacher = tweacher, tea = twea, twitch = twwitch? Do they have any psychotherapists in Devon?


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