19 May 2023


What pray is in our black wheelie bin? Could it be general household rubbish? Perhaps it's garden waste or yet more culled books resulting from our valiant attempts to reduce the volume of stuff in our attic

No my friends, it's none of those things. I will give you a clue and that clue is King Herod. True Christians should get this easily so my apologies to Muslim, Hindu and Buddhist  visitors.

Yes my friends - it's babies! I raised the lid to empty some grass cuttings and there they were - all eight of them staring back at me. They were once Frances's dollies but she doesn't want them any more and I was told they are too grubby for Phoebe.  A lot of our unwanted stuff has gone to charity shops but apparently  these babies would not pass the sale-ability test. Also they are hardly recyclable because of the mixed materials used to manufacture them.

The new roof was completed last week and this week I have been hanging around waiting for the scaffolders to return to readjust their framework and planks so that I can get up there to paint the pebbledash rendering on our house. They finally arrived this morning so tomorrow I expect I will be up there most of the day rolling and dabbing in the sunshine. It is a slow and painstaking job but at least this time I will be on a scaffold and not on the top of a ladder. It should be easier.

The irksome bit will be getting on and off the scaffold via my ladder. I had a practice run after tea this evening. You have to swallow hard before you swing your leg over.  I promise to be careful but if this is my last blogpost you will know why.

By the way, we have had that black wheelie bin since 1993  - thirty years. I remember the day it arrived. I stuck Ian and Frances in it and wheeled them up and down the street. Oh how they laughed!


  1. Replies
    1. You can market them in America and I'll market them in Europe. We'll be rich!

  2. Good memory of the wheelie bin. Yes, I know . We have to swallow hard and dump some of the treasures.

  3. Have you wheelie had that bin thirty years?

  4. They don't look too bad, with a little spruce-up they might make it to the Charity shop. Some little girls might be quite pleased to receive one, in these days of austerity.
    Did you take a photo of Ian and Frances in the wheelie bin?

  5. I can't help but feel sorry for them. Once loved, now discarded. But of course I know it's just my typical human habit of attributing "feelings" to inanimate objects. I once knew the name for that but can't remember it right now.
    All the best for your paint job today, Neil! I am expecting you to report back soon.

  6. I wouldn't want to be the recycling operative ( bin man!!) who opens that !

  7. Those dollies do not look at all grubby to me. Can you not offer them to one of those charities that send clothes, toys and books to third world countries?
    Please be very careful getting on and off the scaffolding.

  8. I hope the binmen don't look into your bin, our often checks to ensure it's full of the right type of rubbish. Are they binmen anymore or do they have a stupid fancy name?

  9. You have put them in comfy and cosy as if they are in bed, and you can see they think it is just a game like you used to play, which they will until their heads are crushed and smashed to pieces by the compacter in the dustbin lorry. How heartless and unfeeling.

  10. That photo is a work of political art.

  11. King Herod! HA! That is DARK, YP.

    When I have to get rid of sentimental stuff like this, with dubious resale value, I give it to charity anyway. I make THEM decide it's unsaleable. I know that places something of a burden on the charity but it relieves me of the hard decisions. (And the scary bins!)

  12. That bin full of babies is kind of creepy looking, to be honest. At least to me.

    Do you survive the scaffolding?


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