8 June 2023


The newly painted Buddha sits by The Path of Enlightenment. He is watched over from The Stump of The Tree of Knowledge by the freshly painted Black Cat of Vigilance...
Also serving and protecting Lord Buddha is The Hosta of Fertility....
And The Gnome of Loyalty...
Further up The Garden of Munificence and just starting to grow are The Courgettes of Zucchini...
At the end of the garden we have an oak tree that I grew from an acorn I had collected  at The Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp near Berlin. In the last ten years that tree had  grown too big for our liking and was becoming problematic both for next door and for our vegetable plot - creating too much shade - so in March I sawed and pruned  it back  pretty severely. I didn't want to kill it and sure enough new but delayed growth began to emerge from what remained.

You may not get this but some of the oak leaves that have appeared are massive - about the size of my hand. They are seven or eight times bigger than a normal oak leaf. Perhaps a botanist could explain the phenomenon. It may be that in its panic to survive, the tree has sent out bigger leaves to absorb more sunlight and guarantee its survival. I have never before observed anything like this

If only The Lord Buddha could speak. He would surely be able to enlighten me about what is going on with that tree.


  1. Funny how we plant wonderful things and later they become a nasty problem.

  2. I think you are right about the oak leaves. Buddha and the cat are looking good, the gnome too. Your whole garden is lovely.

  3. The grounds of Pudding Towers clearly should be managed by the National Trust, seeing as they hold so many precious attractions. A visitor centre would have to be set up, complete with tea room, shop and toilets. It would put Pudding Towers firmly on the map.

  4. It happened at Chernobyl, the big leaf syndrome. But I am sure in your 'Garden of Delight' Buddha will protect you all and if not, the little dwarf should! He has such pleading eyes.

  5. The Buddha and the Cat of Vigilance look very spruce after their coat of paint.
    In the garden I have a similar cat, unpainted, looking out over a defunct water feature. It's puzzled both the dogs, and the feral cats who inhabit the garden, it just won't play with them!
    The Gnome of Loyalty is a very smart chap, but I feel he's a bit too near that Hosta of Fertility - gnomes have a habit of multiplying if you're not careful.

  6. Your garden is positively swimming with energy. No wonder the oak tree is producing such massive leaves.

  7. Such a spiritual experience. With regard to your (once) mighty oak, Professor Google informs me that heavy pruning can indeed result in giant leaves.

  8. Your leaf theory is sound thinking. Btw, don't ask the next botanist you meet. It might be an hour long conversation. How pretty and shiny are Buddha and BC of Vigilance.

  9. That cat is a little frightening. But good job on painting him and Buddha. I saw a tiny white porcelain traveling Buddha yesterday at the thrift store and was tempted to buy him but decided that he belongs to someone else and left him to wait until that person came along.
    Your oak tree is magnificent.

  10. Shade does affect oak leaves to some extent. Those on the shady side can be larger and the lobes much shallower than those on the sunny side. But I've never seen one seven to eight times larger. What kind of oak tree is it?

  11. I think you're right about the leaves. The tree is trying to absorb as much energy as it can.

  12. Make yourself quiet. Sit without thinking. Look within. The answer will come to you.

    Or just Google it.


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