27 June 2023



The only picture I took today. The view from the terrace of our ground floor accommodation. We spent the day lounging around, reading and doing crosswords together. This included the whole afternoon down at the rocky inlet where the hotel have built two platforms where guests can laze like bloated walruses and occasionally plunge into the clear blue sea. I am not complaining.


  1. You are not complaining ?
    I should think not you smug, bronzed, entitled, cafe loafer.
    You begin the day with wonderful Italian coffee, freshly baked brioche,
    and a bowl of frozen granita wafting Sicilian lemons.
    Lunch will be Pasta Con Le Sarde consisting of fresh sardines,
    anchovies, pine nuts, raisins and saffron with home-made spaghetti.
    A very cold bottle of Friulano or Catarratto and heavenly crusty bread.
    Then an afternoon snooze dreaming of the high life back in North Yorks.

  2. I love the lazing ....

  3. Ha, that walrus simile makes me feel both seen & hurt.

  4. I wouldn't be complaining either. What a life!

  5. Bloated walruses, haha. Any real ones?

  6. A day or two of lazing around is what holidays are for. You are both so busy and active in your day-to-day lives that some rest will be very welcome.

  7. It looks the perfect place for a perfect, relaxing holiday.

  8. Sounds like heaven

  9. Bloated, sunburned walruses, no doubt! :)


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