25 June 2005


Just couldn't sleep. Shouldn't have stayed up watching those housemates in "Big Brother" behaving like low lifes at a youth club. One bit that made me guffaw this week is when Craig protested that there were such creatures as manatees in the swamps and coastal waters of Florida but no one else believed him. They thought he was having them all on! I despair. Come on Craig!

I'd have liked to paste in a photo of an actual Yorkshire pudding fresh from the oven but I haven't quite worked out how you do this. There's the technology here in front of me but I can't do it. Perhaps this is my manatee - technophiles could already be guffawing at my incompetence but I'd rather know what a manatee is!

Days Later: As you can see, I cracked the secret picture insertion code after all, so anyone can do it!

1 comment:

  1. Actually if you look at the manatee's nose and mouth and turn it sideways and turn it sort of golden brown..

    Yorkshire Pudding?


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