25 June 2005


Las Vegas

By “Psychic World”
Between Downtown and The Strip
That psychic swept his sidewalk
Under a royal blue sky
While a mile away
In audacious, marbled and illumined gambling halls
Hidden in the bellies of monstrous hotel walls
High rollers and fools sought satisfaction
In the lurid exchange of greenbacks.

He stopped for a moment
To light a Camel
Watching the traffic haemorrhaging
From Interstate 15
Wishing he could predict
When the desert would turn green
And if the spirit of Elvis
Might still be seen
Or felt
Somewhere between
The Sahara
And the light bulb extravaganza at Circus Circus
And as he swept, he hummed “Viva…Viva Las Vegas”
Alex Leon Koplensky – formerly of Dayton Ohio
Lost briefly in his own
Psychic world…
Sweeping sand in a desert.

May 2005

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  1. Excellent new blog if I might say so myself. Wonder if anybody else will ever visit it!


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