25 June 2005


Well I got me Yorkshire pudding in after all! Just like the ones mum used to make on Sundays. We'd each have a slice before the main Sunday dinner and the thing about our puddings is that they were 100% Yorkshire. They were so big you could fill em with gravy and allow a manatee to swim in em! The keys to good Yorkshire puddings are (a) A really hot oven (b) smoking melted lard (c) a moderately thick mixture stirred to absolute smoothness and (d) must be made in Yorkshire. I had a so-called Yorkshire pudding in London once and it was like a Londoner - limp, tasteless, gravy soaking through it and all puffed up at the edges!

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  1. I have some Yorkshire Pudding tins, but I'm glad to be let off the hook in terms of making them. A good, simple recipe is often more than the sum of its parts. Until I visit Yorkshire, I shall stick to popovers.


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