17 December 2006


Roary The Tiger is Hull City's mascot. Like Swansea City's Cyril the Swan, our mascot has attitude. He grabs kids' hats and confronts linesmen, makes sliding tackles and runs off with people's food. On more than one occasion, he has had to be reprimanded by officers of the law. Yesterday afternoon, Roary was as happy as the rest of us as The Tigers thrashed high-flying Cardiff City 4-1. Oh what a sight to behold! The leek-munching taffies were all over the place. They didn't know what had hit them and our lads played like, like... well like Tigers.


Of course we are managerless as I write this post. Rumour has it that the grim disciplinarian, Gary Megson, will fill the vacant post but I'm petitioning for Roary! The previous incumbent, Parkinson, was sacked twelve days ago and yesterday's victory was inspired by assistant manager - Phil Brown - named Championship Manager of The Day in that awful Sunday newspaper - "The News of The World".
I would never buy such a rag myself - I read it at Winnie's house. Winnie is my mother-in-law and she lives out in the sticks of north Nottinghamshire. Ian and Frances came along with us and we all went for Sunday lunch at "The White Swan" in Drakeholes by the Chesterfield Canal. Beautiful carvery lunch where you stagger back to your table with enough food for a couple of Irish Catholic families. And the weather was lovely - bright December sunshine, looking out over the ancient green arable landscape that reaches right down to Lincoln.
Sorry I guess that's all too boring for Anonoman. May I recommend that he visits the News of the World website at www.newsoftheworld.co.uk for seedy sex scandals and suchlike. With a box of Kleenex, this should keep him happy for a while.


One for the ladies - a cuddly Roary - available from Hull City AFC Club Shop.


  1. football mascots are a lot of trouble. Even darlo dog has been in hot water for his escapades, kissing policewomen and sliding on advertising hoardings.

    it was a terric sunny day here too, as you have seen, alas the quakers did not quite manage such a result up here.

  2. Anonymous2:19 pm

    This is now a problem. My son was near me when I read this post this morning and he started trying to take "Roary" off my computer screen.

    I finished reading, changed pages, he squealed. Thanks to the "back" button, we returned to the post, and he went for Roary again.

    He added a verbal "grrr", which is about as verbal as Tim ever gets.

    If I now have to buy a Roary the tiger, and have him shipped to the states, just to satisfy my little boy who actually never seems interested in anything, I'm blaming you, Ypudding.

    Hmph. He totally ignores Captain Blade.

  3. Dear Easy Blade,
    A cuddly Roary is what every young lad needs. Don't be a nasty mummy! Make your son's dreams come true. I can sign him up for the Hull City Supporters club if you like. As theys ay in your adopted USA - if you want something badly enough you've just got to go for it. ROAR-EE! ROAR-EE! "Mummy! Ba-ba want Roary. Pweese mama!"
    Slightly Crazy Y.Pudding.

  4. Ahhhh! How cute - Roary, I mean.

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  6. As they might say in Barnsley, "Tha what sink-sink-socks?"

  7. Oy! Sink-sink-socks has got your number, Mr. Pudding. Now, if we could only figure out what that number was.

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