22 December 2006


Well I guess that an accused man is innocent until proven guilty but this is the night when the Suffolk County Police put their cards on the table and declared that the killer is forty eight year old Steven Wright. UK visitors to this blog will know what I'm talking about but my readers from the USA may be baffled. Let me just say that in the last month, the corpses of five young women have been found in south eastern England near the coastal town of Ipswich. Oddly, all five bodies were totally unclothed.
It was here in Sheffield that the famous Yorkshire Ripper, Peter Sutcliffe, was arrested in 1981 after another killing spree. He was finally collared in a car park just twenty yards from the old Sheffield Teachers' Centre that I visited very regularly. Like Sutcliffe, it seems that Wright held a particular grudge against young sex workers. He may have killed other women up in Norwich and elsewhere. If it is him, thank God he is in custody now so that other desperate young women can sleep more easily in their beds.


This case makes me contemplate three issues. Firstly, how could any young woman living in a rich country like the UK ever resort to prostitution? There are many impoverished, drug-dabbling women for whom prostitution is totally out of the equation. Secondly, what kind of a man even considers going with prostitutes? Perhaps I am naive, undersexed or something but I would never, ever think of having sex with a total stranger who - apart from anything else -might have an STD or a scam for ripping punters off. Where would be the pleasure in swift copulation in a dark car park with someone you didn't care about, paying them hard earned money for this sordid activity? Thirdly, how could you murder someone who hadn't done you any harm at all? I could almost understand topping somebody who had bullied you or humiliated you or caused you pain but a young lass on a street corner in Ipswich, pathetically trying to live from day to day, how could you end the life of somebody so vulnerable? It's so sad.
When a dog mauls a child, we expect that creature to be put down. If it transpires that Wright is definitely the killer then I would recommend the same response for him. Perhaps there are background reasons for his evil acts - maybe his mother didn't love him, maybe he has some erectile dysfunction - I don't care - I would recommend death. That's real justice - natural justice. To Gemma, Tania, Anneli, Paula and Annette I say - Rest in Peace and sorry that our society couldn't give you another path to walk.


  1. I've been following the news. There is neither rhyme nor reason. When murderers target sex-workers, I wonder if they're choosing victims whom they think society won't care about investigating.

  2. Anonymous10:02 am

    Akelda is right. It is the most vulnerable ones who become the targets, because the killer thinks he has a good chance of getting away with it. When these girls first went missing, there was a 'so who cares?' perception. I live in Ipswich and I remember when the first two girls went missing, there were a few posters put up around town but I don't think there was much of an investigation into it and no one seemed too bothered about it. But why would one particular man, from an apparently normal background do such a thing? There must be lots of men out there, a lot more screwed up, who don't go round killing people. Is there a point where a man knowingly allows evil to take over his mind completely?

  3. Can we please refrain from the epithet,'sex workers'.
    They are prostitutes and yes YP, I totally agree with your post. These sick bastards will never change. Why should the honest English taxpayer pay for their incarceration. String 'em up.

  4. this is not a rich country for everyone YP. I would have thought you'd know that as well as anyone.


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