10 December 2006


Balanced on the top step of our aluminium step ladders, reaching, straining to saw away branches from the tree that overhangs the little block paved path that leads to the top half of our garden. I don't even know what kind of tree it is but I do know that it sends out long spindly branches that reach for the sky and need to be pruned from time to time. I see this tree from our back windows and every day I think - gonnna prune that mother! Well today I did it. The tree has had its long-awaited haircut.
My beloved Hull City lost again. This week we ditched our manager and so the assistant manager is in charge. Supporting this club is a pastime filled with pain and so little sunlight. How could we even dare to dream of the Premiership? It looks like we are sinking back into the abyss again. There can be no other supporters in the Football League so goddam hungry for success - just a little walk in the sunshine - that's all we ask.


At the pub tonight we watched the Bolton boxer Amir Khan strut his stuff - a clear points victory. Irish Joe was there and we swapped pint buying duties. And the Romanian student Rejvan was there again. His dad is a politician back in Romania. Rejvan is only eighteen but he's full of knowledge, curiosity and a zest for life. He's here in Sheffield as an undergraduate, pursuing a degreee in International Relations. Me and Shirley have invited him home for a traditional English Sunday dinner tomorrow evening.
Well, what can you say? These are the dark days of December before the Winter Solstice. You just have to get through it - in the knowledge that round the corner there is light, new growth, a new year. On Sunday, I will be writing Xmas cards as I did twelve short months ago. How come time is speeding by faster and faster? ....Sorry that this is such a mundane little post.


  1. Anonymous1:15 pm

    About Hull suporters being hungry for success, I think Leeds and Wednesday supporters would be pretty hungry as would even Barnsley ones too

  2. True Craig but at least those teams have all had real tastes of success. We never have.

  3. Anonymous9:13 am

    I have to agree with you there, yp. I've been a United supporter since I was about 12, and premiership this year feels great, of course, but Hull have been waiting and waiting.

    It's my hope you all see success and soon. (I know, strange from a United fan, eh?)

  4. Anonymous9:51 pm

    zzzz - I just fall asleep on your boring blog. Please shoot me next time I run into you since you are a bore.

  5. Dear Anonymous,
    I have come across people like you before. Sneering, pompous people who throw mud at others from the comfort of their obscurity, their own inaction and their own lack of achievement. Let's see your blog if you are such an exciting, cool human being. The truth of it is that life can at times be dull and blogging should sometimes reflect this ordinariness. If you don't like my blog then please don't visit it again.
    Yours truly,

  6. Oh dear, I see youve had my friend Anonymous over your way!
    Hull has a football team? Ooops, sorry! Football is so boring anyway...

  7. jenny, I don't know how you have so much trouble with anonymous posters as I haven't been able to post a comment on your blog this week. whoever he is he is smarter at computers than I am, but then so are most people

  8. YP... I am rather picky when letting people comment, if they don't blog they cannot comment. Or they have to registered on Haloscan, although I notice Blogger has tightened up the options so I may drop Haloscan but that would mean transcribing all the comments back to Blogger... awww toss that idea! :-)
    I still cannot for the life of me see how a blog calle Yorkshire Pudding can be boring though!
    But then we all know Anon... the lost soul of the Intenet...


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