20 November 2007


I believe in recycling. I do it as much as possible. There are compost bins in the garden and near our unnecessarily large wheelie bin, there are extra bins for paper, glass and plastic/aluminium products. I bought two of the extra bins myself because our city council hasn't yet fully got its act together on recycling - even though there are leaflets and regular pronouncements about "the environment" and how cool it is to live in England's "greenest" city.

Every month or so I go to one of the city's recycling facilities to find overflowing skips and nowhere to put throwaway plastic bags. There are very few of these "facilities" around. In fact, I once launched a letter writing campaign against Somerfield supermarkets about the sudden closure of our most local facility. I mean - what is going on when in what is allegedly a more environmentally responsible age - we find recycling facilities actually closing? Crazy!

How do you easily dispose of batteries or washing machines, old computers or old TVs? Okay there are ways and means but half-hearted recyclers are more likely to just throw such items away because it is too much trouble to unearth the hidden secrets of Recycling World! It should be made easy for people - not hard as hell.

This Christmastime, how much packaging will we all dispose of? It is heart-breaking and so wrong. Producers should be forced to become far more frugal about packaging - reducing it to a bare minimum. Two weeks ago, I was in a McDonalds "restaurant" (ha!) and I saw little kids with lunchbox-style kiddies' meals containing crappy plastic "gifts" which would excite a normal child for no more than fifteen seconds. They shouldn't be allowed to produce that plastic crap nor the cardboard boxes - it is such a blatant waste of this planet's precious resources. Why are some human beings so stupid?


  1. Every now and again, I see an establishment with bins for recycling things such as batteries and flourescent lightbulbs. Those places are few and far between.

    When I worked at a library in Washington D.C., there were recycling bins outside of the building. One of my coworkers watched a trash collector take both recycling and trash and put it into one bin. As it turned out, the recycling program had been out of commission (because D.C. was and is still in such a mess) but the bins were still there-- perhaps the building kept them there in the hopes of better times ahead.

  2. with you on the recycling bit! everything from manure to plastics. however there is a common form or recycling around these parts, dump by roadside, especially along woldgate!

  3. Anonymous11:03 pm

    I'm with you on recycling. Our apartment building has skips behind it for the disposal of regular garbage, but there are also skips for the disposal of glass, cardboard and paper, and plastic.

    It's second nature for most of us. BC is big on recycling, but what bugs me is that even though the skips have got written on them what goes in which, people still put the wrong things in the wrong skips!

    As for McDonalds ... here's where a little known fact makes it really scary. They're the biggest manufacturer of toys in the WORLD!

  4. Totally agree about McDonalds. Some folks here at Parrot Towers had a golden arches "lunch" today and I swear there was more packaging to dispose of than food.

    As for washing machines and tvs, we're lucky to have a recycling centre that takes everything, including batteries, engine oil, fluorescent tubes etc.


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