25 December 2007


As I grow older, I feel increasingly certain that there are more fundamental forces at large than those promoted by organised religions - no matter what the brand names - Christianity, Islam, Judaism, Hinduism - they're all the same to me - utter poppycock! Here at "Christmas" in the northern hemisphere, we feast to celebrate the passing of the darkest day and the prospect of a new year dawning. The holly, ivy and mistletoe remind us the Earth's fertility and Santa Claus is but a caricature of the legendary Green Man who - metaphorically speaking - watches over us and annually brings us his precious gifts - the fruit and the grain, the sunshine and the leafy forest, the pastures and the berries, the beasts of earth and water and the birds of the air. We will eat, drink and be merry, glad to be alive as passengers we have known and love disembark from this ship that is the vessel upon which we voyage through time.
To learn more of the pagan view of "Christmas", click on the Victorian Yuletide picture below - it will take you to an old BBC article about pagan Christmases. Happy Yuletide everyone! And let's hope we are all around to celebrate next December, grateful for the gifts of life and health and the precious bounty of our homes, our families and our friends.


  1. All best wishes for 2008.

  2. Nice to read how sensible present day witches are.

    "It's certainly too cold at this time of year to run about with no clothes on," said Dhyan Sargam, a witch from Berkshire.

    Seasons Greetings to you and yours YP.

  3. l take it your a Jedi too then? happy saternalia??

  4. Hello from New York, and thanks for your comments. It was fun to have this visit to Yorkshire. Actually have some friends up there and know how beautiful the area is.

    Happy New Year. Days will be growing longer, light arriving earlier every morning, promise.

  5. Didn't have you down as having pagan leanings YP...

  6. Anonymous6:49 pm


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