1 June 2008


I have been to County Clare in the Republic of Ireland many times but never before at this time of year when Spring is well-advanced and The Burren's limestone landscape is punctuated by flowers. I walked on Slieve Elva, looking westwards to the Arran Isles - Inisheer, Inishmaan, Inishmore. Exotic Irish names but all they mean is - small island, middle island and big island. Above all, I held little Cait in my arms and sang "Bobby Shafto" to her as Seamus dug the trench in which he will embed the new foxproof chicken coop fence and Katie made tea in the tiny kitchen of their little barn house - between Kilfenora and Kilshanny. Some pictures:-

Nature finds its niches in the limestone... Graveyard view on the road from Cahersherkin to Ennistymon... Seamus and Cait... The view from Fanore to Inisheer - West Coast of Clare...


  1. Ah how lovely. Thank you. Super pics YP.
    N and I got to Ireland two years ago...I'll get there (retrospectively) eventually on my big O. E blog. qv.

    Beds are airing, kayaks washed, guava jelly is simmering on the stove and we are looking forward to seeing you both in September. Memo to self: buy some point-of-lays in October after YP has repaired the hen-house.

    PS. Not sure if I will post your cheeky comment re. D and me. Still thinking about it.

  2. Lovely photos, YP. I love Ireland.

  3. I feel for Seamus, I've lost many hens to raccoons and foxes.

    Beautiful place. Grand view. Precious babe.

  4. Magnificent. We were in Mayo a couple of years ago and had a wonderful time. Great people, great scenery. We even had good weather!

  5. sounds like you had a blast.... loving the limestone.... clints and grikes ..... glad you enjoyed and thanks for taking the time to post some nice photos.


  6. I was last in Ireland in 1982 and I loved it. Time I went back.


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