29 May 2008


Hurrah! Hurrah! Another meme! Any visitors to this blog are welcome to copy and paste it and have a go at this particular meme in their own way. And thanks to David in Kiwiland for passing it on. There's nothing like a good meme to get the juices flowing! By the way, I am writing this in Cahersherkin, County Clare, Ireland - where my brother Paul lives with his Josephine, Michael and Kevin.. and not far away Katie and Seamus with their new baby girl whose Irish name I cannot spell...
My ex... is so long ago and faraway that I can hardly remember her.
Maybe I should... lose some weight this summer... a stone would do for starters.
I love... eggs like the ones I have just had for my breakfast - from Katie's chicken coop. The yokes are literally golden and the white stays together instead of spreading out like a pancake in the pan.
People would say... that I am serious and intelligent but secretly I love silliness and unexpected cock-ups and I see types of intelligence in everyone I meet.
I don't understand... why anyone would follow any religion as this medieval nastiness gets in the way of real life and causes untold misery.
When I wake up in the morning... I wish that I had gone to bed earlier.
I lost... my heart in San Francisco.
Life is full of... twists and turns, highs and lows, words and sentences.
My past is... partly what made me who I am today.
I get annoyed when... I see drivers using mobile phones and that includes texting while driving.
Parties are... about standing as close to the kitchen as you can because that is usually where the booze will be.
I wish... that I had enough money to stop working and could travel where ever I wished to go.
Dogs... are generally smelly, they bark, they bite and mostly I don't like them.
Cats... are free spirits and I often wonder what exactly they get upto at night.
Tomorrow... I will be flying back to England from Shannon Airport.
I have low tolerance... of big-headed morons who think that they have "made it" just because they have money in the bank and flash cars in the driveway.
If I had a million dollars... I would travel all over the world...to Spitzbergen, Papua New Guinea, Buenos Aires, The Bay of Plenty and Hull.
I'm totally terrified... of serious injury or death in a car accident and then not being able to rewind the tape in order to avoid the collision.

Meme done I am now off to Ennistymon to do some shopping for tonight's dinner. Then I'll be driving on to Katie's house. We're going to Lahinch for lunch with the great niece whose name is spelt Cait though in Irish it is not pronounced Kate - more like Porsche with a C at the beginning... Here she is on the day she was born...


  1. A nice free-flowing meme.... which might actually form a part of the top ten things to blog about when you've got nothing to blog about blog that I am thinking about blogging about.... I began today with a top ten list thing.

    Hope you're having a great time...

    I'm with you on the "eggs" front..... my folks keep a coop and the eggs are so much better than anything else you can buy anywhere else.


  2. Cait is beautiful. I love some of the Irish names but, as you say, the spelling is often bit of a problem.

  3. ah - one of my favourite countries. Have a lovely time YP! And when you come to the Bay of Plenty, you and Shirley are hereby formally invited to stay with us!

  4. Bay of plenty ?? A great place to be, I get there sometimes in the Auckland to Russell yacht race ( When any one will let me crew for them )But a nice place to eat brekkie & break open the cold ones..

  5. Sorry, slightly off topic, my daughters name is Caitlin, ( Kathleen in gaelic) to celebrate her mothers Irish heritage.

  6. Lovin' the meme, Darlin'! It's cool learning new things about you as the months (years?) go by. Ah, and it seems to me that ye may be longing for a grandchild of your own to spoil....I hope it comes many years in the future for me, but I'm definately looking forward to lots of babies to spoil, relentlessly! In the distant future, that is!!

  7. ARCTIC POX - Are you a meme mocker?
    JENNYTA - Was there ever an ugly baby or are people conditioned to say "What a lovely baby!" even when they are looking at a cross between a frog and an orang utan?
    KATHERINE - Tickets are now booked and we'll be staying with you from this September through to March 2009. Thanks for the offer! What is barbecued kiwi like?
    DAVID KIWI - Now Caitlin is a nice name and it's easy to say. What are there plenty of in the bay with that name? Pubs? Loose women? Or simply pawpaws hanging from bounteous trees?
    FRIDAY WEB - Thanks for dropping by. Grandad? Me? Oh Jesus! I'm too young for that but yes in the verrrrrrry distant future I could bounce a few bairns on my knee while farting in a grandad-like manner at most unsuitable moments. I think you'd make a very glamorous granny!

  8. Ah a beautiful lass. congratulations uncle Pudding Man


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