17 July 2011


I have been looking back over the many photographs I snapped in South East Asia. Mostly they are of landscapes and buildings but I was always very pleased when I managed to snap pictures of local people. Doing that is rarely easy. I mean, you can't just walk up to complete strangers and say "Watch the birdie!" Sometimes people pictures are taken sneakily when the subject isn't looking and occasionally they might even involve the exchange of money. You have to keep your eyes open for opportunities.

We all see the world through our own eyes. No one else has our particular perspective but throughout our lives we wonder about other people's stories - what they have seen and how they look at things. We are all fascinated by the other people around us - from close friends and family members to the lives of total strangers. This may explain why I am not alone in cherishing pictures of others. Here's a selection:-
Cambodian landmine victims band.

Happy friends at Choeung Ek, Cambodia

Coconut girl at Angkor, Cambodia

Little boy at Angkor

Muay Thai boxer at Hua Hin, Thailand

Leila, the Serene receptionist at Rama IX Park, Bangkok

Squid fisherman on Koh Poda

Schoolboys at Ang Thong, Thailand

Washing in a stream in northern Laos

Tiger keeper in Chiang Mai

Karen "long neck" weaver near Chiang Mai

Songkran Parade, Chiang Mai

Woman weaving a new roof in Laos

Hilltribe woman in Luang Namtha, Laos

Our "mahoot" in Koh Chang


  1. You've got some fab photos -- I'm jealous! They tend to prove though that kids are much more natural in front of the camera.

  2. With you around, I do not need to subscribe to National Geographic magazine....Thanks!

  3. Fab photos Mr P. Did you feel more able to point the camera than you do over here these days?

  4. RHYMES WITH... Now I am back in Sheffield I am sorry that the photos will be much more mundane.
    MANCUNIANS (STEVE & IAN) There was a moment near a school in Cambodia where I saw naked boys diving in a pond. It was all so natural and yet I felt very self-conscious as I photographed them as if Andy Coulson and cameramen from "The Sun" were about to leap out of the undergrowth and accuse me of being a "Paedo"! It's sad that we have to watch our backs like that these days.


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