23 April 2013


Sometimes I feel like I'm almost gone
A long, long, long way from my home...
Richie Havens has died of a heart attack at seventy two years of age. He assaulted songs with a rare passion and had a unique guitar strumming style. Lost in the music, he closed his eyes and rode the wave of his own artistry born from a sense of the beauty of the world, the injustices we must fight against and a firmly held belief that we are all together. He was a campaigner, a poet, painter, friend to many influential musicians but above all he was his own man and as he leaves this living world, I for one salute him.


  1. Thanks YP, I didn't know this artist. Now it may be too late as a person, but his music will live on - such energy!!

  2. Just on my way to Bed, then decided to have a look around the Blogs......love this man's music. Was only listening a couple of days ago to his 'Strawberry fields forever' (my favourite version)and also love his version of 'I'm not in love'.


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