14 April 2013


My aversion to Margaret Thatcher was something I felt deep down in my gut. Something instinctive -not cerebral. To hear the weasel who is David Cameron declare that Thatcher "saved our country" is an appallingly distorted view of British history in the nineteen eighties. In fact, I would argue that Thatcher damaged the social fabric of our country irrevocably, waging a spiteful and expensive class war against ordinary working people. She was a leader who once declared, "There is no such thing as society" and she was a leader who used the Falklands conflict cynically to bolster her position in the opinion polls.
"The lady's for burning Bert!"
Her affected upper class English accent cocked an unhealthy snook at her Lincolnshire origins. And it is worth remembering that her greatest contribution to science - as others were dying for freedom during World War II - was - as part of  university team - to find new ways of bulking up ice cream to inflate ice cream manufacturers' profits.
Thatcher was horrible and it pleases me greatly that "The Witch is Dead" from "The Wizard of Oz" is suddenly Britain's best selling song with thousands of "YouTube" hits too. There will be no silences at football matches to remember Thatcher because the authorities are well aware that such a silence would be the worst observed silence ever requested at any set of weekend football matches.
So farewell Thatcher and good flaming riddance! If I were in my local pub in Sheffield I'd have been celebrating her disappearance from the living world. The hurt that woman caused was immeasurable and unnecessary. "Thatcher! Thatcher! Milk Snatcher!". The Witch is Dead... at long last!


  1. I am heartily sick of all the hoo-haa
    surrounding this woman. I did not like her or her conduct and care not that she is dead....I am apalled that this nation has to pay for such a ridiculous funeral.

  2. 100% agreement YP !

  3. I was born in nineteen-sixty and so experienced all that Thatcher had to offer. While I empathise with her family for their personal loss, Thatcher sought public office and courted it and she deserves to be judged publicly.

    I hope that she is buried with a stake through her chest (I won't say heart for obvous reasons) and in a mirror-lined coffin. Preferably head down and somewhere boggy.

    She unleashed estate agents, the City of London, took the restraints away from the ambulance chasing profession, stole money and whole industries. This country may well have been on the road to ruin before she farted in its face, but my goodness me she didn't half put her shoulder to it and push it faster downhill - and all for a footnote in history and a quick quid.

    Neither will I ever forgive her for a decade of doom, gloom and tombstones topped off with Clause 28.

    Aside from that, and my empathy for her family's loss (although they are collectively about as lovable as the Borgias) I have no strong opinions.

    Why we don't just tip her down an abandonded coal mine shaft in Yorkshire while a brass band plays jazz beats me.

  4. Oh dear. I am afraid I have good reason to disagree with all of you, sadly, but I shan't go into all that now.

    Regardless of her legacy, I would prefer to see an old woman who happened to be our first female prime minister, three times given a mandate by the electorate, buried graciously allowing those who cared for her to grieve.

    When Margaret Thatcher ordered in the task force to reclaim the Falklands, she did so with the support of the entire nation. When Tony Blair went to war in Iraq, he lied not only to the entire nation, he lied to parliament and even then most of us weren't convinced. I was a security professional and owe a great debt to Tony Blair. He allowed me to earn enough to retire at fifty, and pay no taxes. Before you give me a hard time for having the nouse to work hard and smell the coffee, how much of his income do you think the multi millionaite Blair pays to the exchquer?

    In a hundred years time, I wonder whose legacy will be considered the more invidious.

    What's going on at the moment is akin to hanging out dirty washing in front of the natives. The rest of the world are lapping this up.

    Let's just be English about this and bury the old girl with a bit of decorum.

  5. Ok, let's have a bit of equilibrium in all this. You keep Commie, flat-cap, Scargill up in your area. And we'll have all the world's most important people down in London. That way the funeral will at least be decent.

  6. Ah, so that's the culprit. The one who found a way to put air in ice-cream to make it seem fluffy and lovely while charging indecent amounts of money for the air. And it's been around for many decades! People are prepared to be robbed and deceived over long periods of time it seems.

    Ms Soup

  7. Truly fascinating how diverse and divergent our perspectives and experiences - 7,500,000,000 minds on this planet and all of us dreaming different dreams and living genuinely different lives.

    Can you imagine the size of the novel required to tie all of those loose ends together and make them the least bit plausible?

  8. As I dislike repeating myself, if you want to know what I think you will simply have to pop over to the Shooting Parrots blog and refer to my comment on the post "The Division Lobby"....

  9. You Englishpeople are just not proper sheeple.

  10. LIBBY I am pleased I am over here in Asia so I can ignore her damned funeral. She died in The Ritz! What a waste of money.
    BRIAN I knew you were a sound bloke!
    OWL WOOD Nice to see your comedy visage slipping to reveal the true heart of the owl and you have passed the test to join the GRT Club. (Good Riddance Thatcher!
    HIPPO I disagree with what you say but I respect the way in which you put it.
    CRO MAGNON I thought you were in France - not London. You saw the Thatcher years very much from afar but I was in the thick of it - both as a teacher and as a resident of South Yorkshire. Thatcher's death helps to define people's perceptions of society and where they truly stand.
    ALPHABET SOUP Yes Typhoo put the T in Britain but Thatcher put the air in ice cream.
    RHYMES WITH as soon as I have finished here I will be investigating your stated opinion but I think I can already guess sir!
    JAN BLAWAT Sheeple? I have never heard that word before but I like it! Some people do behave like sheep - just following the flock.


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