15 July 2014


Over the hills to Liverpool to see Neil Young and Crazy Horse at The Echo Arena. This was on Sunday and even though I am not fond of these cavernous new indoor arenas, it was a great concert - the first one I have seen in a long while and the first time I had ever seen Neil Young. He is sixty eight years old now and of course famous for his plaintive song writing back in the nineteen seventies. But there's another side to him. He is a consummate lead guitarist and when playing his whole being seems connected to his guitar - at one with the music. Quite rightly, he is not a performer who has ever wanted to rest on his laurels - forever replaying the songs of yesteryear. He has evolved. This was his set list for the night:-
Love and Only Love 
Goin' Home 
Days That Used to Be 
After the Gold Rush 
Love to Burn 
Separate Ways 
Don't Cry No Tears 
Blowin' in the Wind (Bob Dylan cover)
Heart of Gold 
Barstool Blues 
Psychedelic Pill 
Rockin' in the Free World 
Who's Gonna Stand Up and Save the Earth 
Like A Hurricane
I stayed in the Travelodge by Brunswick Dock with a view across the Mersey to the Wirral Peninsula and in the morning I rose early to drive up to Crosby, specially to see Anthony Gormley's "Another Place" - but that's my next post... In the meantime here are more pictures I took at the Neil Young concert. It made me feel "young" again as I recalled the many concerts I would attend in my salad days...


  1. It's difficult to think of a better way to spend a Sunday. Good it lived up to expectations.

    1. I can think of one or two better ways. For example - lounging naked in a warm bath of yak milk with Michaela Strachan and Baby Spice while clutching a winning lottery ticket.

  2. Two of my favourite bloggers posting about the same thing!


    Bob didn't happen to be there too, did he?

    1. Elizabeth - Bob Brague hasn't been blogging a great deal lately as he is one of the roadies on Neil Young's world tour. I yelled at him as he was lugging an amplifier into the arena but he just growled at me and told me to "Please Off" or something like that.

  3. Now that is what retirement is all about ~ concerts and art exhibitions!

    1. Unfortunately for you Carol - because you are still a young lass - you have ages to go before retirement - years and years. Keep working hard! The youth of Queensland need you!

  4. By coincidence, we've had After The Goldrush on more or less permanent play all week - kids starting to moan now though!

    1. If they are moaning you should give them food and drink. Poor little things! Having a dad like you cannot be easy Brian!


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