9 April 2010


VALENCIA - Not sure what this vibrant spring bloom was. Any ideas? Seen on a tree in the Turia Gardens. Following extensive flooding in 1957, Valencians audaciously changed the course of their ancient River Turia. Nowadays, the former river bed provides green parkland which embraces the old city.
Anarchists' former squat near the beach with a child bouncing a plastic football between the hedges.
Mosaic spotted in the magnificent old railway station.
Lovers using each other as pillows in the Turia Gardens.Sandcastle on Malvarossa Beach - a short tram ride from the city centre.
In the bowl of the Valencian bullring, a trainee matador discusses tactics with his trainer.
La Lonja de la Seda - one of Valencia's most imposing buildings. It was an important silk exchange and the cradle of much of the city's prosperity in the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries.
View from our hotel room balcony in the centre of the city - towards the Plaza del Ayuntamiento.
Valencia isn't a city that just looks back on past glories. Here in the City of Arts and Sciences some of the architecture is quite stunning. The building in the background is clad in tiny pieces of broken off-white tiles.


  1. Looks like you're having a great time.
    Sorry, neither myself nor my Catalan wife can help with the flower.
    If you're still over here tomorrow at 10pm you may notice an eery silence in the streets as 99% of Spain will be at home or packing out bars, watching Barça run rings round Real Madrid. A fantastic way to round off your holiday - they're not Hull but still put on a good show!

  2. Elizabeth9:19 pm

    Welcome back,Sir Pudding; you were frightfully missed by the more discerning of your visitors.
    What wonderful photographs...love the trainee matador learning how to deal with a load of bull, your sandcastle building skills are something to behold and I can see they are fond of mosaics there, so you will have come back filled with inspiration for your next masterpiece. La Lonja de la Seda looks fascinating and beautiful - I read somewhere that it has a history of ethical trading? x

  3. BRIAN - sadly our break is over. In a bar, we watched Atletico Madrid knock Valencia out of the Europa Cup. I will be seeing Hull play Burnley later today - a much more exciting fixture than the Sunday League match to which you referred.
    ELIZABETH - Thank you for your nice response. It is nice to be nice to people don't you think? I'm afraid my guidebook can't answer your question about La Lonja de la Seda. I think my best photo out of 133 was the trainee matador picture. Thank you for noticing it.

  4. Very nice! I have never been to Spain, and your post made me feel as though I have [been to Spain].

  5. Elizabeth3:06 pm

    You have me worried now...am I not usually nice? I do try to be - especially to nice people like you! x

  6. I want to go to Valencia now - it looks great. Instead this week I'm going to Doncaster and Manchester. World traveller, me.

  7. RHYMIE W P Glad to be of service senor. If you send me many dollars I will travel anywhere in the world for you and take photos so that you don't have to leave your Layzeeboy!
    QUEEN ELIZABETH Nothing to be worried about though there was a slightly ulterior motive for referring to the importance of niceness.
    DAPHNE Manc? Donny? Onwards to Cleckheaton and Grimethorpe. The world is your oyster.

  8. Wonderful pictures YP! What a nice shot that is of the apprentice matador. And that's a lovely mosaic too. Were you noticing mosaics more since your recently-completed one?

  9. Elizabeth1:11 pm

    YP,you are such a nice man...a very, very nice man. I haven't a clue what you are talking about, but most humbly apologise if I have come across as not nice in any way.It certainly wasn't intended. x

  10. Elizabeth, you have to take YP with a grain of salt...many, many grains of salt...he teases with a straight face, but you just have to catch the twinkle in his eye.

    YP, you owe me one.


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