13 April 2010


Recently, I have enjoyed many interesting posts in this cyberworld which has become a fascinating adjunct to our daily lives. It is always nice to come across a good post - especially a gatepost!
Above - a country post under attack by triffids. It may need editing or postponing.
Below - Noble Victorian gatepost at the entrance to a Birmingham (UK) park. Quite a substantial post.
Below right Gatepost at the entrance to Elvis Presley's Gracelands mansion in Memphis, Tennessee - recently visited by Miss Frances Pudding, daughter of the nutcase making this silly post about posts. It was erected postwar. Posthumously, Elvis left the mansion to his family.
Below Post box. No posters allowed.
Below The Last Post... played by a Mr J.Naylor who posed for the camera in Laughton churchyard, Lincolnshire. He was once posted to Cyprus though it was supposed to be Malta.


  1. Isn't there a London Post or some other such newspaper? Did you have to go to the Post Office to post that post? Where is my bedpost? It is post my bedtime...

  2. A very good, only slightly nutty post YP.

  3. Oh dear, the sun is obviously affecting you badly, YP! ;)

  4. Post-holidays, anything can happen...

  5. SAM The London Evening Post went out of business in 1797 - you're a bit behind the times so perhaps your posterior needs whacking.
    KATHERINE I have heard that there are a hell of a lot of fence posts in NZ to prevent the sheep from marching on parliament.
    JENNY Your riposte is so right. I think I need to go and lie down in a darkened room.
    BRIAN Didn't you appear in "The Magic Roundabout"? Is your missus called Florence by any chance?

  6. Elizabeth7:32 pm

    I couldn't concentrate on the post about posts; I was just so knocked out by the picture of the handsome young chap who's taken over your blog...do tell, who is he? x

  7. ELIZABETH A few weeks ago Madame Daphne of Leeds suggested it was time to change my blog picture. I have only just got round to it. I can almost hear you sniggering as you mouth those words "handsome young chap". I admit that I have become a miserable old git.

  8. They also serve who only stand and post.

  9. Elizabeth8:59 am

    Snigger? Moi? I've already placed my order for the Cosmopolitan double-page, signed spread. ;-) x


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