15 April 2010


Occasionally, I find myself being cruelly ribbed by a gentleman who lives in Georgia, USA. He is an urbane and erudite blogger of mature years. His blog is titled "Rhymes With Plague" because I imagine that on many occasions he has used this remark to clarify the spelling of his surname. He is Robert H Brague who last year won my coveted "American Blogger of The Year" award.

Very recently he posted a YouTube clip of an ancient Londoner singing along to his ukulele and declared that this was me! I can assure you it was not. Furthermore, he implied that my saintly daughter was only "pretending" to study in Birmingham, Alabama where in fact she has been working like a coalminer at the face of knowledge - demonstrating to the lazy burger-munching Yankee extras from "Grease" what it means to be a proper student.

So who is my tormentor - this Robert H Brague? The only picture we see of him in his blog is of when he was a small child - shortly after photography was invented. I decided to do a little investigation via an obscure and little-known search engine called "Google". I clicked on "Images" and then carefully typed in Robert H Brague expecting to see several pictures of the old rogue but the results were confusing. Is this him?
No, it's Pope Johannes XXII....So was this him?
No it's a writer and intellectual called Remi Brague so it couldn't possibly be the man I was after.
Finally, I thought I had struck upon him - Robert Brague! (see above) A Catholic priest who allegedly died in Venice, Florida in 1997 but could so easily have faked his own demise and fled to Georgia. I was disturbed to read of the guy's rather unsavoury past which led me to think I was definitely on the right track until I spotted his middle initial - J not H. It wasn't him after all so the hunt for Robert H Brague continued. I went on to the second page of the search results and I knew I had my man...


  1. Yep! Certainly looks very urbane and erudite - in a 'mature' sort of way.:)
    I wonder if he will recognise himself?

  2. Touché, YP! I would say we are now more or less even.

    No one was more surprised than I to find that other Robert Brague, about which no more need be said, a couple of years ago while doing a Google search of my own. And I often have wondered whether, or how, our family is related to the scholarly and erudite Remi Brague. But I am shocked, shocked I tell you, to find see such a distinct family resemblance in your final offering.

    I wave ze white flag, monsieur, and withdraw from ze field of battle to nurse my wounds....

  3. P.S. - Thank you for calling me an urbane and erudite blogger. I shall continue to try to live up to your expectations.

    I would have changed your post in only one way. I would have changed

    His blog is titled "Rhymes With Plague"...


    His blog is titled "Rhymes With Plague"...

  4. JENNY Like looking in a mirror...
    RHYMES Touché indeed. I knew you would take this bit of mischief in good heart. In The Battle of the Atlantic, I now make that UK 3 USA 3. If you win in the end, we will send you someone called David Cameron as he is surplus to our requirements. He could be your houseboy.

  5. Hey YP, what's that "google" thing you mentioned?

  6. And if you win, we will send you your choice of Ron Paul or Barack Obama. We (the great middle of the American people) don't care very much for either of them. If Ron Paul is unavailable, we will send you Rush Limbaugh. If B.O. is unavailable, we will send you Nancy Pelosi.

    Perhaps we should declare a truce rather than swap undesirables.

  7. You gave me such a laugh with this post!! Thankyou Kindly.xx

  8. MEGGIE Thanks for dropping by and I am so pleased I tickled you with this post. That was intentional.
    RHYMES Over here in England we would gladly have Mr Obama as our next prime minister. He is much admired...then you can have that intellectual giantesss Sarah Palin as your new President..."Polar bears are not endangered they are just unlucky!" O.M.G.!
    SAM Sorry I think Goggle will be a bit too complicated for you to understand. It's only for advanced computer users like me.


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