17 April 2010


A truce has been called in the transatlantic blogging war between yours truly and Mr Brague. On his blog, a recent post that I found quite hypnotic was a video clip of a tramcar ride through San Francisco in, I think, 1906. Over here in England some of the best pre-First World War film footage was created by northern movie entrepreneurs Mitchell and Kenyon. Search via YouTube and you will find several examples of their work that allow us to look in on a bygone age. It's fascinating. Below there's an example - taken a mile and a half from this keyboard at the Bramall Lane Sports Ground one hundred and eight years ago...

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  1. Elizabeth6:25 pm

    I love old footage like this, YP.The referee,linesman and crowds fully dressed, including hats, and the build of the chap in goal has to be seen to be believed. Reminds me of how the obese kid was always put inbetween the two jumpers used as goals in street footie. It also shows how much more refined the team strategies and playing techniques have become over the years. Wonderful. x


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