11 August 2011


In Ireland, I snapped over two hundred pictures, mostly for the Geograph online mapping project. To counterbalance the hurt caused by the horrendous rioting that hit a small number of urban neighbourhoods in this green and pleasant land, I give you six of my most recent pictures from The Emerald Isle:-
Rural scene near Kilfenora, County Clare

Convent of Mercy in Cappamore, County Limerick

Glen of Aherlow in County Tipperary

Cait - Paul's granddaughter

Abandoned cottage near Kilfenora

The Lickeen Lough, County Clare


  1. I loved living in Ireland. Seeing those photos reminds me that I would like to go back and visit some day.

  2. Green places are my favorite.

  3. What lovely photos and what a good idea....truly a fabulous place.

  4. Ahhhh yes, I was last in Ireland in 1983 though I recently visited Northern Ireland and absolutely loved it. Time to go back - - lovely photos, thank you!

  5. beautifully taken YP

  6. JENNY I must have forgotten that you lived there once. Where exactly?
    JAN B "favourite" is spelt with a "u"!
    LIBBY Though the techno-modern world has infected Ireland, the old Ireland is still very much present. It can feel so very peaceful and "real" there.
    DAPHNE The Glen of Aherlow was like a lovely secret world of fields and hedgerows and cottages and lanes. I wish I could have stayed there longer. So, yes. Do go back. You'll love it.
    JOHN GRAY Thank you. I try.

  7. 1970-74, a year in Waterford and three in Dublin.

  8. Lovely. I've missed seeing your photos in our local paper since you've been on your travels.

  9. Love the first one with the cows.

  10. YP "spelt" is some kind of weird wheat the ecofreaks eat.

  11. LOIS TLC Eh? You have stripped away my disguise! I shall have to send "The Star" one or two more soon now get back to your nursing duties! Mr TLC may need a bed bath!
    STEVE OCCUPIED So, are you saying the other pictures are rubbish?
    JAN B Get back to your hula hula dancing dear!


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