18 April 2018


A list of animals that became extinct because of human beings, all now as dead as the fabled dodo....

Atlas wild ass
Bali tiger
Barbary lion
Atlas bear
Big-eared hopping mouse
Caspian tiger on a postage
stamp from Azerbaijan 
Bulldog rat
California grizzly bear
Cape lion
Caribbean monk seal
Carpathian wisent
Caspian tiger
Caucasian wisent
Cebu warty pig
Chadwick Beach cotton mouse
Chatham bellbird
Chatham fernbird
Eastern elk
Falkland Islands wolf
Formosan clouded leopard
Saudi gazelle
Goff's pocket gopher
Great auk
Guam flying fox
Gull Island vole
Haast's eagle
Bubal hartebeest
Hemigrapsus estellinensis
Japanese sea lion
Madeiran scops owl
Martha - the last passenger pigeon in 1912
Mexican grizzly bear
New Zealand owlet-nightjar
Northern Sumatran rhinoceros
Laughing owl
São Miguel scops owl
Carolina parakeet
Passenger pigeon
Piopio (bird)
New Zealand quail
Rocky Mountain locust
San Martín Island woodrat
Schomburgk's deer
Sea mink
Small Mauritian flying fox
North Island snipe
South Island snipe
Dusky seaside sparrow
Steller's sea cow
Stout-legged wren
Syncaris pasadenae
Syrian wild ass
Wake Island rail
Western black rhinoceros
Lyall's wren

The list is not comprehensive and it grows with each passing year. Just look what we done.


  1. I'm sort of glad about the Big-eared hopping mouse as I wouldn't want one hopping about my house or listening in from afar on my conversations. I'm attempting to be funny, but that list is really a very sad commentary on our own species, which may one day also be extinct.

    1. Many years from now the bearded bragus cynicus will also be extinct...

  2. You’d have thought Hull City would have been made redundant the amount of times people say “for fucks sake, not them bloody Jessies again”

    1. You are confusing Hull City with Leicester City Terry.

  3. The circle of life, I guess...I guess humans will always get the blame for everything bad that goes on in the world...our cross to bear for being human.

    Let's hope we also receive some praise...

    1. We won't get any praise from the dodo or the Tasmanian tiger. All you can hear is silence.

  4. Lee, the blame is well deserved. And yikes, I think humans praise ourselves much too highly as it is. Do you know about the dog meat markets in Vietnam and China? Look at them and then see what kind of praise we deserve.

    If you really care about this planet, don't have kids.

    1. The huge growth in the planet's population since 1900 threatens many more creatures as habitat is lost, the seas are polluted, global wwarming increases and poachers seek easy money.

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. Vivian....I am a 73 year old woman who, sadly, never had kids. I am not likely to have any now.

      My reasons for being unable to have children are personal. I do not need your advice about having or not having children, nor did I ask for it.

      Nor do I need to be judged by you for my very brief comment - a comment that naturally does not express my true feelings and beliefs.

      I am aware of Asian dog meat markets...and I am aware guinea pigs are considered a delicacy in Peru. I am also aware many other animals are eaten by humans, too. I am guilty of being a meat-eater, although I don't eat a lot of meat these days; maybe once or twice, at the most, a week. Although, I really don't need to explain my eating habits, if the truth be told.

      I love animals...all animals. However, I'm not so in love with many humans and the hehaviour of many humans, past and present...and, no doubt, future. Actually, there is a lot about human behaviour that disgusts and angers me.

      But along with the bad and questionable...there are the good and generous of spirit. And they are the ones who deserve praise.

    4. Lee, calm down. Note the paragraph break in my comment. I am shifting the focus of my comment and using the second person plural and not addressing you in the second person singular.

  5. Heartbreaking. So often we don't realize what we have until we lose it. We need to stop and think and then act.

    1. Yes. It is heartbreaking. I feel so helpless Bonnie.

  6. It is very sad. I haven't heard some of the names on your list. I am going to Google them.
    Greetings Maria x

    1. We may not know all their names but we know that they were all so precious and so unique. Once they are gone, they are gone forever.

  7. Maybe they're not all extinct, perhaps some of them are just hiding. I would like to think so.

  8. We have a lot for which to answer. However I suspect that, even in the relatively short time that I have left on this mortal coil, there will be more names added to list.

    1. We have made some rainforest creatures extinct before we have even discovered their existence.

  9. In a way, on our little piece of paradise, you can see what might happen when these animals disappear. Foxes were not native to this elevation in Colorado. A family breed and raised them in the 30's and 40's. When they had problems and left, they opened up the cages and let the foxes run free. They thrived. Until about five years ago when they got mange. Within two years, we didn't see them anymore. This winter we saw one or two but they still looked sickly and mangey. In the last two years, an explosion of rabbits and chipmunks has been unbelievable! There will be no natural predators to keep them in check unless and until the foxes repopulate our foothille.

    1. What used to eat the rabbits and chipmunks in the past?

    2. I do believe that the winters were much harsher so not as many babies survived until summer and there were large birds around which are no longer here. Especially owls.

    3. Thanks for explaining that.

  10. We haven't learned a thing by these. We still do the same things.

    1. As a species we only pretend to care. The evidence for this assertion is clear.

  11. And every one a tragedy -- even the Rocky Mountain locust.

    It's inevitable the list will get longer, too, which is truly hard to understand.


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