15 October 2006


Well, if a technophobe like Sir Arthur Clewley of Clewley Towers, Richmond, North Yorkshire can put "YouTube" videos on his blog then so can I! The random one I have chosen is of a wee kitten's first musical compostion. Everyone say - Awwww! ...Then attempt the quiz below....please!


  1. I've seen that kitten at the sage gateshead YP -listening to Birtwhistle always makes me think 'hmm, how many pints of blacksheep do I need to down at the interval to get through the second half?' and other profound thoughts about the human condition

  2. Wow! That kitty is a regular Philip Glass.

  3. You should contact Einsturzende Neubauten and tell them you have a new collaborator for them!

  4. alkelda, I came across something on the internet and apparently the first alkelda came from near here, in Middleham,Yorkshire. is this the alkelda you are named after?

  5. Oi! Arthur! If you want to form an intimate relationship with Lady Akelda, do it somewhere else! Thanks to George Walks for passing by.

  6. Arthur: The one and only! There's a tiny bit of backstory as to why I go by the name Alkelda, but the short version is that her feast day is my birthday.

  7. Alkelda, as I recall your namesake got into a bit of bother with some vikings so I will go with the birthday story. She's quite an obscure saint, only two churches dedicated to her so it's great you are giving here a bit of a new life through all the people who will think, humm, where did that name come from and look her up.

  8. Arthur looked into the lovely Alkelda's eyes and drowned in her beauty.
    Their stolen kiss seemed endless and timeless.
    "Oh Arthur!" gasped Alkelda.
    "Oh my sweetheart!" whispered Arthur rather seductively.
    Above them a thousand stars were twinkling, watching them embracing on the Earth below.
    Alkelda's devoted hubby was not a happy bunny but Mrs Clewley was jumping for joy.

  9. What's happened to the kitty?
    It says that it's "unavailable". Maybe someone tempted it away with some Whiskas.


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