4 October 2006


Charles Carl Roberts IV - yet another mad American gunman, assassinating innocent children - this time from the peace-loving Amish community of Lanacaster County, Pennsylvania. When will it end? As The Police Commisioner for Pennsylvania said, “He came here prepared. It wasn’t a spur-of-the-moment thing. It appears he did a lot of time in planning and intended to harm these kids and intended to harm himself.”

This nutcase had a loving wife and children, parents who loved him, a steady job. Little girls from a harmless religious community didn't deserve this horror. America must, must, must re-examine its gun laws. It seems that any psychotic, grudge-bearing, fantasising mental defective can get hold of a gun and shoot down innocent people without good reason. It has to stop. There's fear about deranged Islamic terrorists but perhaps it's quiet gun-touting nutters like Roberts who should arouse most fear - the real enemy within. Rest in Peace Dear Children.


  1. I feel sick about this. I always have a strong reaction to shootings, but this time it's a bit more personal. My mother's side of the family has Amish and Mennonite roots, and I know first-hand about the deep-rooted philosophy of "resist not evil."

    As much as I hate guns, I am a Constitutionalist, and know that the second Amendment (right to arm bears) is as important to some people as the first Amendment (free speech). But get this: there are a lot of restrictions on our First Amendment laws. You can't yell certain things in crowded areas, and you are still accountable for your words even if you aren't going to be thrown into prison for saying them.*

    As my mom and I are fond of saying (with wicked gleams in our eyes), "You really don't want either of us to carry guns!"

    Here's a poem I enjoy: "Another Reason Why I Don't Keep a Gun in the House" by Billy Collins.

    *At least, according to our laws and ideals.

  2. Third school shooting of the week wasn't it?

    I will NEVER understand the gun culture.

    As my mom and I are fond of saying (with wicked gleams in our eyes), "You really don't want either of us to carry guns!" Nice one Alkelda!

  3. This story sickened me. I, too, wondered how this nutcase got a gun, but our laws are a bit lean for certain things. Yes, you saw that correctly. I believe that MOST men and women have the right to own a gun for hunting and gathering, thus also possessing a weapon for self-defense, if necessary. I don't, however, believe that EVERYONE has the right to bear firearms and I, personally, don't believe in handguns. How is a handgun useful when hunting game? I am just as capable to ward off a potential attacker with a rifle as I would be with a handgun - and my children are less likely to have an "accident" with a long gun, as they are harder to load and take precision to aim. Umm, my children have been taught safety rules forever, by the way, and we NEVER keep loaded guns around.

    If it helps make you feel better, there are some rules out here. I'm not talking about the Brady Bill or anything like that, but specifically regulations to buying long guns of any type. Years ago, anyone who showed proof of being 18 or older (how many teenagers have false ID's?!) could purchase a standard shotgun or rifle. I bought Philip a rifle for his birthday one year and only had to show my driver's license. Now, places that sell guns have a way of doing a quicky background check that will show if you have been convicted of a felony or if you have a documented mental illness. I can no longer purchase guns (I'm not, nor have I ever been a felon), legally, but I know a place that would sell me one if I wanted. I don't particularly want to break the law, though. There are very harsh fines and often jailtime for illegally purchasing guns. It doesn't stop the idiots, though. So sad.

  4. it's an interesting issue. Even quite reasonable people in america seem to defend the right to bear arms but in this country we don't like guns at all and still resist even the police carrying them routinely.

    I read some stats that said that amongst imnates in US prisons who had carried out a gun crime 80% had got their gun other than through a normal legal supplier, as criminals in this county are able to lay their hands on these weapons despite it being illegal to carry so much as a penknife sp probably it's to do with the culture rather than the laws.

    This shooting is just horrific but alas it's just 5 out of 16,000 murders a year over there, two thirds by guns. I think it's about 800 here, or 1,000 a couple of years ago when the Shipman (non-firearm) murders hit the stats.

    a dreadful dreadful story, this schoolhouse incident

  5. I not sure that "we" dislike guns. The "we" is the gun culture on our streets. A minority for sure, but one willing to use weapons of personal destruction. That could be you or me. More likely someone equally poor. Madness and sadness.

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