7 October 2006



It's just amazing what you can buy on "e-bay". I just purchased this skeleton of a mountain gorilla from a dealer in Burundi. I think it will make a great garden ornament and an interesting conversation piece. It will be erected under the apple trees where I am sure pigeons and sparrows will love to perch.


  1. Anonymous4:48 pm

    katanga my friend, it is I, burundigorrilaman from ebay. There has been a mix up between your order for a gorilla sleleton and Sheffield Zoo order for the living version. This may cause some inconveniance as you will have to stay in tuesday to sign for it but you can choose morning or afternoon delivery. You can still put it under the apple tree though. They like apples. Also good for remake of 1930's movie for youtube with mrs pudding in Fay Wray role. sorry for the mixup. katanga mr pudding.

    ps. just got in a nice skeleton of man eating burundi tiger - special offer if you're interested

  2. Greetings BGD,
    Can you keep a secret? I picked the skeleton in order to poke fun at a certain gorilla currently living in America's Pacific North West jungle. He is holding a family to ransom, including a sweet little girl called Lucia. Not satisfied with this, he began to bully and ridicule me with hurtful blog entries that have left me feeling utterly traumatised. The gorilla skeleton was the only way I could think of bringing him back to earth from his lofty power trip. So please, the skeleton, not a live ape! And because Sheffield is a city well=known for its kindness to animals, we don't in fact have zoo so someone - possibly the infamous Seattle gorilla himself -has been playing an expensive trick on you.
    Mr Y.Pudding Esq.

  3. Well it will certainly be a conversation piece. In fact you might start a new trend!

  4. It's a fake! Mr Pudding, you've been had. My cousin, Vlad, sells those things on ebay all the time. He makes a killing on profits, and no one's caught him yet. As naughty and swindly as he is, Vlad is certainly a master at plaster of paris sculpture.

    I'm still on top of the world. Ho ho.

  5. Save us! Save us from the gorilla!

  6. Don't worry Lady Alkeda, Sir Ulric and Princess Lucia, Superpudding will save the day! The spread of urban gorillas will be defeated. Already I am donning my silky blue cape and my underpants from "GAP" are now over my trousers.... BRAAAAAD! RELEASE THEM NOWWWWW!


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